Saturday, 10 November 2012

Houston Internation Quilt Festival 2012

I flew down to Houston on October 30th and arrived just before midnight, the next morning I decided to walk down to the convention centre to check things out.  As you can see they were busy setting up where the wholesalers had been and getting ready for all of us coming to spend our dollars.
 If you look closely you can see bare walls and ladders as vendors quickly set up for the opening later in the evening.
 Looking across the street at a sculpture in the park.  They have free concerts for all to listen.
 Inside a beautiful quilt used as a backdrop for the volunteers to check in.
 I went to the preview night and then on November 1st returned to look at some of the many quilts on display.  I took photos of the cards with the description of the quilts and quilt maker.  This first one is called Colores by Michelle Jackson.
 It was a photograph of an old adobe on Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico that she decided to give a unique colour.
 3 Triple Deckers by Susan Bleiweiss, based on her own watercolour sketch and inspired by hand dyed fabrics.
 Sunflower Exchange Project by Barb Zap. A challenge to think out of the box by the Minnesota Quilt Show.
 Groups of 4 were teamed up and decided on petal colours and backgrounds.  They made the quilts and then cut them into four.
They then were reassembled and bound. [no other quilters named on description.]
 Colour Quartet by Victoria Findlay, an image taken by Victoria was divided into four to interpret and feature 4 different styles.  Other quilters included Rayna Gillman, Tonye Belinda Phillips and Shelly Sutton.
 Swamp Girl goes Prada by Karen Linduska is the first of a series of story quilts.
Zinnias 3 by Jean Smith, Melinda Bula's Zinnia pattern and class.                                                          
 Airing the Quilts by Donnah G. Burke, reinterpretation of the traditional orange peel block
 Spring Beauties by Terry Aske, design based on photographs taken in her own neighbourhood in New Westminster B.C. [she is a neighbour!]
Spring Blossoms by Terry Aske again based on a photograph of local flowering Japanese Cherry Trees.
 Sweet Lovers Love the Spring by Bodil Gardner, design source Shakespeare As You Like It.
 Height of the Tulip Season by Laura E. Fogg, original design when invited to display during the Tulip Festival at the La Connor Quilt Museum in 2008.
 Harrier Hunting by Ruth A. Powers, she was inspired by a bird she saw and used with permission a photograph by Ashok Kosha for reference.
Moonglow Anemone by Carla Stehr, based on a photograph taken by the quilter.                                 
 Painted organza was used to depict the translucency of the tentacles.
 Moon Sisters by Stacy Hunt, inspired by Sting's song Sister Moon.
 Hand painted, hand lettered, machine quilted.
 Octopus Garden by Carolyn Winfield, spending my whole life by the ocean spurs my interest in all things to do with it, especially underwater creatures.[from her artist statement]
 Mother is Best in the World by Bodin Gardner, based on memories of her mother.
 A Year Of Discovery by Holly Altman, based on drawing her mother saved, she cut this left handed, quilted left handed, left hand machine sewn for the kid look.
 The button box by Michelle Navarro, a drawing-the-head class, her mother used to bribe her to be quiet with her button box.
 Great use of buttons to make the cherry blossoms.
Mom and Pop's House by Judith Rodderick, her grandparent's house.                                                  
 Memories of her grandparent's house in Martin's Ferry Ohio, during WW11.
 Vintage Halloween fabric for sale by a vendor, love the crescent moon and owl.
More pictures to come over the next few days, hope you enjoy!

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Sandy said...

Houston was great, wasn't it? And it was such fun running into you (almost literally!) and having the chance to spend time together. :)