Monday, 12 November 2012

Houston International Quilt Festival Day 3

This quilt is definitely a show stopper, It is called Captain Kimo and is done by Nancy Sterrett Martin and Karen Sistek, the same team that did the amazing poppy quilt in the last post.  It took second place for the painted surfaces sponsored by Ricky Timms.  It is based on a photograph by Captain Kimo.
 The details of this piece are amazing.
 Look at the delicate feathers that they couched onto the piece.
 Schooling through the jellies is by Susan Fletcher King and is another painted piece.
 What a challenge to get the iridescent look.
 Rainbow Lorikeet is by Helen Godden and received honourable mention in the painted quilt category.
 Her machine quilting is spectacular on both the bird and the background.
 Wing details.
 Background detail, oh to be able to do this.
 Ruth Powers sitting with her Prairie Fire award winning quilt.  She won the Fairfield Master Award for Contemporary Artistry.
 Balancing Act by Sheri McCauley, Frances Holiday Alford, Barb Forrister, Connie Hudson, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Susan Lewis Story and Kathy York.  Machine pieced, machine and hand quilted, appliqued with fusible and hand; background pieces are individually machine quilted and joined with zigzag; shadows are hand painted.
 Ms. MacDonald had a farm, Lynn Czaban and members of the Hanging by a Thread Group.
 A Street in Ireland by Anne Jenkins and members of the ten slice group.
 The Quilted Painting-Central Otago, Alison Laurence and members of the Kiwi Collective Group.  Based on a painting by Rita Angus, permission granted by her estate.
 The Jennings Homstead, Susan Mouton Riggio and 26 members of the Milwaukee Art Quilters.
 Hope by Yoshiko Miyamoto, original design in response to the earthquake and tsunami last year.
 Beautiful detail.
 Lovely piecing.
 Lovely quilting and shading.
 Two great sets of eyes looking at you in black and white.
 Window to the Soul by Alison Laurence, inspired by a study of facial features.
 Make you Happy, Brigit Aubeso Bell-Lloch, based on a photo of her mom at age 20.
 Love the illusion of the eye in the shadow by the quilting lines.  Definitely an award winner for Portraits.
The peaceful ones, Denise Havaland, original design, painted and appliqued.                                       
 Wonderful thread work.
 Lovely details,
 This guy was stuffed a bit.
My Gentle Giant-"Ben", Patt Blair, painted with ink machine quilted. His eyes follow you.            
 Hot Africa, Janneke De Vries-Bodzinga based on a photograph she took while in Kenya, machine appliqued and machine quilted free-motion embroidery and machine piecing.
This quilt took the World of Beauty top award.                                                                                      
 Some of the people wanting a closer look.
 Another Dutch winner, ElaTED by Ted Storm, started withe the quilter's least favourite colours, brown and plaid.
 Inspired by Delftware, hand appliqued, padded appliqued, embroidered, beaded, padded trapunto and hand quilted.
 Vitamin C, by Helen Scheffer and Marion Perrault.
 Hidden Treasures, David Taylor, original design based on a photograph by his friend Sandy Corbin.
 Georgia on My Mind, Nancy Brown.  Penguins walking through the resting elephant seals on the islands of South Georgia.
 Detail of seal and penguins.
New Mexico's Turquoise Trail Vicki Conley, original design based on her own photograph started in a class with Katie Pasquini Masopust.
 Pelican Parade by Joann Baeth, original design based on Pelicans seen in Southern Oregon.
 Each bird has approximately 50 pieces.
 Detritus by Susan Brubaker Knapp.
 Plentiful Bounty in Nature Martha deLeonardis fun using the twister template.
Bird Girl, Jamie Fingal.                                                                                                                           
 Waiting for my Master's return, Cindy Garcia.
 Beautiful detail and his nose looks wet!
 Prairie Fire Mini by Ruth Powers.
 The sign says it all, surrounded by crowds.  Machine quilted on a domestic machine!
 America, Let it Shine by Sherry Reynolds, she has been quilting for 8 years.
 My Inner Raven, Cat Larrea. 
 Beautiful feather details, deserving of the blue ribbon for Art Minature.
 Hoot are You, Hoot Hoot, Sherry Glidden. An original design based on a photo by Jason Idzerda begun in a class by Susan Carlson.
 Balanced Optimism, Donna Bray-Zakreski, photo take by quilter at San Diego Zoo.
 Hand painted, machine quilted.  Lovely details.
Still more to come.


Anna said...

Absolutely stunning...and humbling!

Cathy H said...

So many beautiful quilts.....thanks for taking the time to take and post the photos. ......

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