Saturday, 16 March 2013

National Quilting Day

Thursday morning my friend Rita and I decided to go across the border and do some shopping.  One of our first stops for the day was at Tangled Threads in Lynden Washington .
 I believe this building used to be a school and they have redesigned it into a quilt shop just beautifully.  As you can see it had been raining earlier, and the skies were grey but everything was to change once we crossed the threshold of this shop.  I love the sentiment over the front window.
 This front area of the shop is just alive with bright colours and inspiration.  As you can see for a Thursday morning the shop already had some shoppers.  I love that pink and yellow quilt on the wall.
 Here is a closer picture, they call it their 5 yard quilt.  The gal that made the top was there and shared that it only took her four hours to make it and she ended up with two pieces left over of about a quarter yard each!  I may have to go back and get the pattern.  They had kit bundles made up and you could mix and match your fabrics to make the quilt your own.
 This is their batik room, hm.. that small quilt in the corner looks interesting.
 They curved all the straight edges of the churn dash block and gave the quilt a 3-D illusion.
Another room of some fun fabric, dots and stripes galore but hey what is tucked up into the corner of that shelf?
Oh my gosh a PINK Kenmore, is it not just too cute!                                                                              
 Also in this room was a love Sphinx Singer in great condition.
 Coming out of the dots and stripe room is a Christmas corner, love the red lights along the ceiling.
Just down the hall is the Wicked Stitch of the West, Shirley was on the phone talking with a customer but she let me take some pictures of her collection.  She is a long arm quilter with a great sense of humour.  I may have to make a trip down and have her do a quilt or two for me.
 A Jim Shore weather vane witch.
 We also dropped into the Antique and Craft sale at the fairgrounds where I was fortunate to get a lovely collection of friendship signature blocks.  I have to take some pictures and will post them at a later date.  Back home to check out the Spring blossoms.
 Wait a minute, a budding Rhododendron?
Here is a full bloom blossom...but it is early March not May!
Another favourite wintering bloom of mine, I'm not sure what it's proper name is but it has a lovely scent.                                                                                                                                                        
Now off to do some quilting, enjoy your day.

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