Sunday, 22 September 2013

Last weekend of the Summer, first day of Autumn.

Selim getting ready to take us out on the boat last Saturday.

Carol at the helm, while Selim pulls in some buoys.

Looking back over the causeway.

Heading out to look for some sea life.

North towards the St. Regis Hotel.

Where did the fog come from?

The causeway shrouded in fog.

Part of the parade of elephants.

Betty Boop elephant.

Sun through the fog.

Next day we left in sunshine, pelican landing in front of the boat.

Looking good.

Oh no, more fog and thicker than yesterday.

Found the shore thanks to GPS.

Sea lions on the buoy outside the breakwater.

Foggy causeway again.

Spot the heron on the blue roof?

A closer look.

Something has this guy's attention.

Sushi for dinner.

Dinner head first.

What are you looking at?

Carol's garage sale booth.

Checking out the competition down the block.

White Singer Featherweight.

More goodies in Carol's booth.

Chenille Scottie.

Sugar Plum Autumn Sale.

Great haunted house made by the Richter family.

Love the witch's train.

Phoebe, Carol's loveable rescue.

Rose in the garden.

Rustic display.

Sunflowers for a bridal shower on Sunday.

Dining table set up for Autumn.

Great crow on the pumpkin.

Happy first day of Autumn.
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