Thursday, 3 October 2013

Autumn has arrived on the west coast of Canada.

September 25th I took a picture of this Datura seed head forming in my friend Rita's garden.
 Her Autumn crocuses are in bloom.
 Love the pink/mauve colour of these crocuses.
 This succulent flower is doing well despite the grey windy day on the 30th of September.
 The river was choppy and a few white caps could be seen.
 Touches of red creeping into the leaf palate.
 This sunflower is rocking in the wind.
 Pigeons are choosing to walk not fly in the wind.
 This tug is pull a huge load of wood chips to one of the paper mills along the river.
 Rose hips starting to form and change colour.
 Marigolds showing their lovely shades of gold and orange.
 I like the buds on this bush.
 This rhododendron likes to do an Autumn and Spring bloom.
 Pink bush roses still putting out blooms.
 Pink dahlia standing tall in the wind.
 A break to the west, welcome to Autumn on the west coast of Canada!


paulette said...

Ahhhh we do live in a beautiful corner of the world, don't we!

The little book of Nessie said...

Lovely flowers Sandi. Yes, our seasons are changing. Our weather is getting warmer and daylight saving time starts this weekend for us in Australia. Regards, Nessie