Monday, 28 October 2013

Hallowe'en Tricks and Treats...

Here is this year's version of my Hallowe'en wreath.  I added the witch and the skeleton this year.
 Love the touch of pink on this dahlia.
 Witch hazel is turning a lovely colour.
 Some bright yellow witch hazel.
 A lovely colourful tree along the quay.
 An orange dahlia with some seagull silhouettes.
 A few days ago I took a picture of the Japanese Maple tree outside my condo, today there are no leaves left on the tree.
 Sunset yesterday across the Fraser River.
 Lots of pink in the sky a promise of good weather the next day.
 View this morning, beautiful blue skies.
 Ghosts hanging on a tree.
 A pumpkin wool wall hanging I made a few years ago.
 Mirror skeleton at a local shop.
 Giant ghost at a local garden centre.
 Beautiful Japanese lantern plant, love the orange!
 Cute sign for sale.
 More Hallowe'en display.
 Witchy brew being stirred up.
 More great colour thanks to so many lovely sunny days this summer.
 My lovely witch ornament hanging over the fireplace.
 The view this evening on a perfect day.
Hallowe'en wishes to all, off for a 5 day adventure, pictures to come soon.  Enjoy the holiday.

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Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Looks like Fall is still around your neck of the woods. So many of our non-evergreen trees didn't get too much time changing colors before an early snow and frost led to bare trees. Down in Colorado they still have the beautiful reds/oranges and golden leaves. Have a happy Halloween!