Sunday, 10 November 2013

Houston International Quilt Festival...Moo-ston Cow Parade

I was fortunate to be invited by Mary Lou Weidman and Mel McFarlane to have my cow quilt based on the pattern Purple Cow from Out of the Box blocks to be included in the Moo-ston Show.
Here is a bit of an overview of how the herd was displayed.
 Some very imaginative cows were on display.
 I took these pictures on Preview night before the crowds were around the displays.
 Moody Blues by Laurie Latta, Purple Cow by Mary Lou Weidman and Dio de los Moorertos by Patricia S. Woods.

 Meemaw's Rio [Cow Dog] by Tracy Overturf and COWmen Miranda by Sue Cresse.

 I love Moo by Mari Linfesty, Red White & Moo by Mel McFarlane, ...The Cow Jumped over the MOOn by Sandi Henschel.

Cow Town by Mary Lou Weidman, Mooey Fiesta by Joanie Korte.
 Micro Moo by Mel McFarlane.
Dia De Los Mooretos by Peggy Baldwin-Clayton, Boo Moo by Molly Evangelisti.

 Captain AMOOica by Julie Post, Zorro the BOOvine by Eileen Hamilton, Three COWballeros by Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli
 She Eats the Meadow Flowers by Rebecka Schaffer, Frosty AMOOsement by Connie Donaldson.
Cow Girl by Candy Woods.

 And the Cow Says Boo by Peggy Baldwin, Miss Moola at the Moolin Rouge by Sandra Fisher

 Vino Cow by Sandy Thompson, MOOdern by Mary Lou Weidman.

 MOOlah a Cash Cow by Charlotte Lorenzo, Miss Candy Cane wishes you a MOOey Christmas by Wendy Price.
 MadaMOOselle's ChoCOWlate Café by Sandra Fisher.

 MOOrage by Rebecka Schaffer, MOOOy COWlente by Tina Neppl.
Bovine Intervention by Mari Linfesty, Cow Pie by Linda Cook and PanaMOO Canal by Susan Typpi.
Stay tuned for future sighting of the herd...they may be making a European tour along with other U.S. destinations to be announced.

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Karen said...

Wow Sandi... This is quite a herd of cows! Thanks for sharing them and what an honor to have the herd driven from show to show! Great round -up! Hahaha... Thanks for all the SanDiego tips... Trying to click them off and having fun! Karen