Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Houston IQF...portraits, wild life and a touch of whimsy

If you have never been to the Houston International Quilt Festival you would be amazed at the diversity of the quilts that are shown there.  It is impossible to share each and every one and still experience all the show has to offer.  I took more than 800 photos of quilts and descriptions, of booths and views.  Here are a few of the  Art-People, Portraits and Figures show.
These first two are Peach Within Reach by Gina Parris-Perkes and Marilyn J. Smith.
 The one on the right is Pet Store by Pat Durbin.
 I Have Many Faces by Natalie Carleton was a fused piece using 64 different fabrics and 64 different threads.

 Lincoln by Virginia Greaves. was machine appliqued and machine quilted.
 I like the geometric star fabric used in the shading in the face.

 Jack by Sandy Curran used multiple techniques to illustrate this well known actor.
 Waiting for the Mail by Mary Wilber Wirchansky.
 Notice the excerpts of letters written to him from his daughter in the sky.
 His faithful companion by his side.
 Papa by Jocelyn Leath depicting her father in black and white.
 The Quiltmaker by Jennifer Bowker.
 Margaret Rolfe well know Australian quilt teacher and author.
 Depicted are some of Margaret's traditional blocks and animals of Australia.

 Honu Harmony by Eileen Williams.
 An original design using raw edge applique, Tsukineko ink and other techniques.

 Did You Wash Your Beak? by David Taylor.
 I love the look of question on the mama bird's face.
 Beautiful quilting to show of this piece.
 Cock of the Walk by David Taylor.
 Wonderful fabric choices for the bird and the background.
 Do not cross me!  I love the knots in the siding mimicking the bird's eyes.
 Does He Make My Butt Look Big? by Kristen Bryson.
 I love zebras and the touch of colour of the bird is great.
 Excuse me, I asked a question?
 Love the fabrics used on this wee guy.
 Cakes are Ready by Keiko Maeda a prize winner in the Art-Whimsical category.
 So many layers to balance.
 Balloons and streamers and many hearts to help celebrate.
 Nice use of sheer fabrics and rick rack.
 Mt. Ruffmore by Pauline Salzman.  President's dogs Bo, Buddy Barney and Heidi.
 Man's best friends depicting their master's political parties inspired by Mt. Rushmore.
 Bit Map by David Charity.

 Love the But I'm Innocent expression when caught in the act.

 Going in Circles by Jeanne Marklin.
 Inspired by feeling out of control in a relationship.
 Harmony by Bodil Gardner.
 Raw edge applique, a theme she revisits often as a mother of four.

Some place settings, O Canada and a few more quilts to share yet to come.

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The little book of Nessie said...

I Sandi, great quilts you have shown on your blog. I remember seeing the Margaret Rolfe quilt at one of the Quilt Shows in Melbourne this year. Regards, Nessie