Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Friday night Sister's Picnic in The Park dinner.

Jean Wells and friend overseeing everyone entering for dinner in the park.
 A gentleman from their calendar was our evening entertainment.
 Lots of people ready for a lovely high desert evening.
 Dinner service was provided by the high school soccer team.
 This gal was really swinging her pony tail.
 Lovely flowers on the table.  Diner was a lovely Mexican chicken breast with black beans, rice and a wedge of watermelon.
 Lovely fresh desserts courtesy of Tate and Tate of Redmond.
 Jean introducing Jeanette the coordinator of the show, this was her first year.
 Jean's daughter Valori's daughter showing off her first quilt with a little assistance.
 These other children seen are Jean's other grandchildren and the quilts were made by the staff of the Stitchin' Post with the theme of "It Takes A Village."
 All these quilts will be outside the shop on Saturday morning.
 Lovely depiction of main street under a full moon.

 A touch of whimsy.

 Morse code interpretation of a phrase from Shakespeare, sorry I can't remember it.

 The quilt maker had her grandchildren pick out their favourite chair and their name was stitched on it!

 Love the mini helpers concentration on their jobs.
 With an assist.
 This represents the statues between Bend and Sisters.

 Valori and a co-worker designed these adjacent to each other on a design wall, the plan is to hang them side by side in the show.
 Jennifer Keltner is Martingale's new Publisher and Chief Visionary Officer.  She threatened to borrow the tambourine and do some interpretive dance if we didn't participate in her presentation.
 She shared some quilts from Martingale Publishing with the mini-helpers and their bigger assistants.

 They did a circle around the gazebo and would pick up another quilt.
 Court house steps done to look like Lanterns.

 Modern influences.
 Lots of bubble quilting on this piece.
 Love all those half square triangles.
 Hey, she dressed to coordinate with the quilt!

 Interesting free scallop border and another coordinating outfit for the quilt.

 Under the Stop sign is a pocket to store a match box car.
 Perfect way to end the show and tell.
 Jennifer congratulating Jean and Valori on the 39th show.
 A peaceful evening under the pine trees.
 Blue skies after a very brief sprinkle after dinner.
 The sun is about to set to get ready for a busy Saturday.

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