Thursday, 17 July 2014

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show 2014.

Anna invited a group of us over to her home for scones, muffins, fresh fruit and coffee to start the day.  Of course a trip up to her sewing room was a necessary event.
 Up on her design wall were some of the wonky log cabins from her Quilter's Affaire class along with some other works in progress.
 I've got this Autumn/Halloween block pattern, looking cute Anna.
 She decided to order Primitive Gatherings Block of the Week and got the first 5 weeks sent all at once!
 Here is her first block beginning to be laid out.
 Another Block of the Month in progress a combination of piecing, embroidery and applique.  This one is by Kathy Schmitz.
 Cute woolie project bag.
 Love the paint job on this chair.
 Here is Anna with her 2011 Primitive Gatherings BOW project.  The other three blocks she is going to make into a table runner.  Mine are still a work in progress.
 A view of the three sister mountains from her living room, what a lovely place to sit and enjoy.
 Love the houses with the berry and star vine.
 Another Kathy Schmitz design I think.
 Lovely bouquet greets you at the door.
 One of her neighbours in the quilt show mood.
 I arrived as the firemen were hanging the last of the employee's challenge quilts on the wall.
 Good thing they have a ladder truck.
 Just a few blank spaces yet to be filled.
 I went walking looking for the cow quilts and was surprised to find them at the same place as the smaller display was last year.
 Linda Cook did the Dutch Chocowlate quilt on the left and my The Cow Jumped Over the Moon was beside it.  How fun to see it hanging by the front door.
 Cowmen Miranda by Sue Cresse was hanging beside Mooterhorn by Mel McFarland.
 Moodern by Mary Lou Weidman was along side of Organic by Lorraine Tennyson.
 Around the corner was Triple Sow Cow by Barbara Lambrecht.  Cowlifornia Girl was made by Dianne Morrison.
 PoCowdot was made by Blair Halbrooks, Connie Donaldson made Art DeCow.
 Eat Moore Chik'in by Peggy Baldwin-Clayton.
 Miss Candy Cane by Wendy Price along side of Udder Joy by Pamela Dransfeldt.
 Bovine Intervention by Mari Linfesty, Eat More Veggies was made by Kathy Collins.
 Love the backing of Organic.
 While eating lunch I noticed my quilt from the back, hard to see but it shows off Lauren Tolhurst's lovely job of machine quilting on it if you click on the picture you may be able to see it.
 Across the street was this great feather quilt.
 Cut array of baskets and other blocks.
 Some inspiration to put my basket swap blocks together.
 Beautiful Tree silhouette.
 A closer view.
 Love the neutral tone on tone frame for this one.
 Great colours.
 I hand appliqued this quilt but omitted the nutcracker block and substituted a crescent moon instead.  In my to be quilted pile.  The pattern is Yuletide Joy by Sue Garman.
 I loved the effect of this quilt from a distance.
 If you look closely you can see the corners have quarter circles set in and then accented with different colours of rick rack!  Love it!

 The main street was closed off to pedestrians only, in past years there would be bumper to bumper traffic with crossing guards stopping traffic to let pedestrians pass.  Now traffic is diverted to another route.
 A stop to enjoy some nature.
 Bees were loving this plant.
 All the quilts hanging on the Stitchin' Post and lots of quilters admiring them all.
 The Stitchin' Post's row by row experience row.  They sold out the day before, but I found a lovely batik for less than a quarter of their kit to make mine.
 Lots of hungry quilters looking for just the right thing to bring home.
 Breathe and enjoy the nature around.
 A favourite flower echinacea or Cone Flower.
 The Sister's Raffle quilt, just lovely.
 Fun quilt made by friends showing what they like to do in their favourite season.

 A lovey quilt depicting Sister's with the tall pines, sunflowers three sister's mountains and rivers.
 Beautiful fabric choices.
 Dancing fish.
 More great colours.
 Looking one way down main street.
 Looking the other.
 Smiling facing enjoying the cows.
 A couple of closer looks.
 Great Sunflower.
 Those eyes and cap along with the tulip in her mouth make this cow.
 Is she not the essence of Art Decow?
 That peacock tail is lovely.
 Love the Chrysler building.
 Those eyes hypnotize you.
 Cute udder.
 Love the stars quilted on my words.
 I think I need to add some eyelashes to her.
 Sunday morning I drove home in just over ten hours!  I stopped briefly to pick up Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop in Arlington.  Is this not the cutest?  Carole has such a great imagination and sense of design.
 Cute dog looking at a flowering dogwood tree.
 Vanilla Jamaica, great sunny colours.


paulette said...

Thanks for taking us to the Show...with pictures like this we don't have to go in person!! Your cow quilt is really on the MOOve!

quilt cookie said...

I have enjoyed your blog this week. Wish we had more time to chat at the show. We should make it home late tomorrow.

marylouweidman said...

Loved seeing ypur Sisters photos- they are always the best!