Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Houston International Quilt Festival...the Red and White Quilts.

Here is the Red and White Jubilee Quilt that I showed earlier that was designed by Dear Jane and Sentimental Stitches. 
 Some of the quilts that could seen down on the floor.

 Looking up again.

 The right side of a Hawaiian appliqued quilt.
 The back of the same quilt.  See how each side shadows through, beautiful.

 Back down again.

 Some minatures.

Another great display has been featured at the show over the years.  The quilts have been photoshoped into national and international buildings.

 Sorry I think someone used a flash as I was taking this picture.

 The top row centre picture with the red flowers and domed building are the B.C. Legislative Buildings in Victoria.

More to come now that I'm back at home again.

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paulette said...

You have got to love any red and white quilt!! Gorgeous display!
Safe travels!