Thursday, 6 November 2014

Welcome to the International Quilt Market and Festival

I thought I'd do a bit of back tracking today and share the first sight a lot of people see when attending the market and festival.  At the crosswalk from the Hilton Hotel this is your first view of the George R. Brown Convention Centre in Houston.
 We arrived on Friday evening and by the time we got checked into the hotel and walked down to the convention centre it was after 6 and the show closed at 7 so we walked around so I could orientate Rita to a few of the sights.

Inside on the second floor there are some porthole windows you can look down onto the merchant's market. There were 20 aisle of vendors, a lot to see.  This year I was very very good and limited my spending.

Over to the left you can see a white wall, beyond that is the food fair along with some open studios.
 Looking to the right you again can see a white wall with a gap and that leads to the quilt shows.  They also had aisle laid out from A to Z.  They had grouping of categories and you never seem to be able to take it all in.
My friend Rita who was travelling with me is interested in antique quilts so we stopped by a number of different vendors and she purchased one quilt and some other treasures.  I have to ask if I can share pictures.

A lot of the vendors would not allow pictures but this quilt caught my eye because at first glance I thought the applique star was a maple leaf similar to the Canadian Flag.
 This quilt apparently was found in jelly cupboard in California.  Sentimental Stitch has recreated the pattern and has it for sale here.
 Another view of this quilt.  The blocks are only 4" square!
 They also designed the show quilt and has their first one on display in the booth.  Rita bought a pattern for it, it is truly spectacular in person.  Here is the link for the show quilt.
 A taste of the booths along the It's a Party aisle.
 I did that snowman runner last year, it is wool and very cute.
 Moda Bake Shop booth.
 Hexagons over an ironing board.
 This is the Block of the Week from Primitive Gatherings this year.  Very challenging with all the pieced backgrounds.  Check out the quilt details here.  Nick and the boys were at the show this year instead of Lisa and the girls.
Outside we walked by Pappasito's Cantina.  The driver of our shuttle recommended it as someplace good to eat.  We went there and found that the wait list for a table was 45-60 minutes so we added our name and went outside.  I saw two ladies at a table for four and asked if we could join them.  Kathy and Leah graciously said yes and we had a lovely time chatting with them.  They were staying at the hotel and lived in the Austin area.  Just as we finished up to leave they called our reservation! Thanks ladies for being so gracious.
 The view of the Toyota Centre from our room at the 4 Seasons.
 Another view below.
 Across from the convention centre is this set of wings.  Many people would climb up and pose for a picture. you think this was influenced by the quilt show?
 A water park.
 Love the water dropping down and caught in the breeze.
 Love the fish and bird characters on the manhole cover.
 Lovely pink flowers outside the hotel.
More quilts to share tomorrow.  Enjoy your day.                                                                                      

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