Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas light tour of New Westminster B.C.

Sunday night I took my mom for a tour of some of the lights in the city where we live. A friend told me of this house not far from mom's condo. This is just the front window.

The other side of the house is Rudolph!

Here is the whole yard.

Across the street is this display.

Another lovely display.

I love trees done up in white lights.

We drove through the neighbourhood where some of the heritage houses were decorated.

This next photo was taken with my I-Pod and the next with my camera.

Sometimes using a SLR doesn't give the effect you want...be flexible.

In the Uptown intersection of 6th Street and 6th Avenue.

On the other side of the street.

Looking across the intersection at the mall, I actually took this picture last year confession time.

Then we headed Downtown along Columbia Street.

Garlands of lights and snowflakes in trees.

New Westminster is also called the Royal City hence the crown display across the street.

Across from condo I watch this display each evening.

And this one.

Walking along the quay...

Simple but lovely..

Love the reflection in the upper window.

These are about 3 foot Christmas bulbs...cool eh?

Lots of time and patience.

The condo beside mine and the tower across the street behind,

My friend Rita put a polar bear in her garden.

May the lights of Christmas bring joy and warmth to your heart. Merry Christmas.
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Rachaeldaisy said...

I love seeing houses decorated by lights, I've never seen a polar bear before, it looks very impressive.

The little book of Nessie said...

Pretty lights. Thanks for sharing. Regards,

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Such lovely lights ... they do make the winter nights seem more festive.