Sunday, 1 March 2015

Creative Stitching and Creative Texturing with Sue Spargo

In 2011 I took a trip to Hawaii and found this interesting shaped Ginger flower, little did I realize at the time what would be inspired by this photograph I took.
 In 2013 I took a Creative Stitching workshop with Sue Spargo based on her recently written book.
 As there were a large group of us taking the class I decided to make a bookmark for mine so at a glance I would be able to find it.
 I also later made one and sent it off to Sue.  I found the bird image on the Internet and I usually sign my pieces with a Crescent moon and star and my initials shh.
 I used the photograph to inspire my shape for the 60+ leaves that I stitched onto the background with Aurifil Lana wool thread.  I prefer this to fusing which I feel leaves the pieces very flat looking.
 By the end of day one I had added some cotton, velvet and more wool layers and a bit of creative stitching.
 This was another creative layout that I think Sharon did.
 My friend Sandi used her own background fabric and flipped some of her leaf shapes.
 Diane also used her own background but did a different orientation to her wool piece.
 At the end of day two I had made some good progress and was considering some other fabrics to applique.  I'm embarrassed to say I've done little stitching on this piece but finally have started to add to it once again.
 Why do you ask?  Well Sue released another book called Creative Texturing and she is coming again in June to teach another workshop for us!  I had hoped to work on the Peacock depicted on the cover but we are unable to have her stay for more than 3 days.
 So I decided I needed a bookmark for this book and here is my piece before I added the ribbon and attached it to my book.
 Here it is attached to the spiral binding.
 Here is the image I used to create the flip side of the bookmark.
Now to get back to some more creativity on my leaves.  I'll be working on them also in the workshop in June and will share photos just before I take the class and then after.


Kathy MacKie said...

This was to be my first Sue Spargo class but because they had to change it to only a three day class I wasn't able to make it, so was very disappointed but I can't wait to see your continued progress.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I've got that first book but haven't sat down to work through it. That's the great thing about doing workshops, you actually make the time. I hope I get to do a class with Sue Spargo one day. It's fun seeing what you made at yours, and no doubt you'll be looking forward to June. Your book mark idea is brilliant and perfect because of the spiral.

Anna said...

so cute! I am in a workshop with Sue in May and can't wait!