Thursday, 12 March 2015

Designing and photographing a BOM..

My friend Rita is the BOM coordinator for our guild. She has been working on a theme of nine patches and for the April block she wanted raindrops but was having problems coming up with a concept so I came up with an idea for her.

We decided that three raindrops would be used with six background fabrics.

I went home and started to play with fabrics and with the layouts on a black flannel board that I covered as a portable design board.

I wanted to point out a couple of things I've found about taking photos with and without flash.

First note that two of the raindrops were not fully trimmed on the left upper side so the white fabric looks darker. Having a dark background shows off the white and white design nicely.

This is how I decided to have my final block layout be.

Here is the same block photographed on Rita's white design wall. You don't see the white design as well.

On the same design wall, almost the same place Rita's flash didn't fire hence the different tone to the picture as the natural light changed it.

A second picture is even darker as I changed the framing.

Here are both blocks in one shot with the flash on.

Now I had some fun and cropped out the design wall grid and the same photo looks different again.

My point is, consider the lighting..natural verses artificial verses flash. What you are photographing the fabric against. Finally how you frame your photo.

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KaHolly said...

A few good pointers. Thanks! Cute block!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Your raindrop block is really fun! It can be so hard photographing proper colours, and white inparticular changes colour so easily, your photos are a great example.