Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Sunday drive to Purdy's Chocolates!

Most Sundays I like to take my mom for a drive; she has never driven and either walks or takes the bus to most destinations.  This drive took us to our old neighbourhood.  Just east a few blocks my grandparents build a home.  North a few blocks were two houses I lived in first when I was born, the second until I was 14.  Several blocks south my mom's sister and family also had a home.

This building used to house the Canada Dry bottling plant and was the start of the bus we regularly took to go downtown shopping with mom.  We used to wait for the bus and watch the bottles fill through the window.  Then it was sold and became Purdy's Chocolates.

Purdy's is a Vancouver based business that was started in 1907 and has expanded into Alberta and Ontario.  It has been voted top 50 Best Employers several times and the same family has owned it since 1963.  The current CEO Karen Flavelle has twice been voted into the top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada!
 For Easter they set up some whimsical displays at their main entrance.
 This is the one over the Factory Shop.
 Love that wind vane!
 Ogopogo is a legendary Sea Monster that lives in Okanagan Lake, here is a old tire version of him.
 Bright Easter coloured ornaments hanging in a Magnolia Tree.
 Inside the shop Easter goodies are on display.  As it was late on Sunday afternoon most of them have been sold out.
 Love the Turquoise packaging for Easter.
 Their signature purple boxes.
 Back outside is the whimsical water fountain.
 Seen from the other side.
If you ever come to Vancouver, stop by the factory and check out the store on Kingsway.  You leave with a smile on your face and a treat in your pocket.  They even have sugar free chocolates!  Check them out here


paulette said...

LOVE Purdy's! And their Purdy's Peanuts...amazing! Like a Reeses but WAY better! Melt in your mouth! Now I am craving a Purdy's Peanut!

Sheila said...

Oh this looks like a fascinating place to visit and I just bet those chocolates are yummy . Love all the displays :-)