Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Project revealed! A Bionic Gear Bag..

Remember this group of fabrics I posted last month asking what to choose for a binding?  
 Well I decided on using a dimples turquoise fabric for the project.
 A Bionic Gear Bag!  I love how it looks closed.  I machine quilted my outside fabric in straight line quilting.
 Here it is opened showing four zipper compartments inside along with some other goodies.
 A little squared bowl to use for a thread catcher and a dumpling zipper bag are included in the pattern.
 Here are the two mini projects in front of the larger bag.  When I first got my pattern the little dumpling bag wasn't part of it and she used the little bowl to hold wonder clips.  As you can see I've got some in the dumpling bag.
 I've opened up the zippers so you  can see that they form pouches between the zipper pockets.  Now to fill up this lovely bag.  Rip Stitcher the designer has a picture of it closed and then emptied of all the goodies she keeps in hers that you can see by clicking here.  She also has a video and how to order the bag if you click here.
Here is the link to a images on yahoo to inspire you to make one yourself.


Sheila said...

What a great bag , looks complicated with all those zippers but would be so useful ! Love your fabrics .

Rachaeldaisy said...

Brilliant!! That really is a bionic gear bag!! I love how it's even got a thread catcher.

WoolenSails said...

You did a beautiful job on the bag, that is something that scares me, to try, but I do want to do some bags.


Anna said...

Bags are scarey! Yours turned out beautiful and the binding was perfect!

Carrie P. said...

Love that bag. It is such a neat design.

Carley Morgan said...

It looks very similar to the sew together bag. It has an fourth zipper pouch, though. Does it also include a needle rest and pincushion option in the pattern? Are the directions easy to follow?