Friday, 26 June 2015

Day Two Stitching With Sue Spargo

Here Sue is showing a group how to make the woven picot stitch.  She likes using it for beaks of birds, chicks and sometimes as petals for flowers.
 Here is Sue's example of a couple of beaks on her bird sampler.
 She shared many of her mini quilts including a flower one.
 Here is another sampler of flowers.  Love the closed fly stitch along the petals stitched in silk ribbon and then Perle Cotton.
 A circle sampler with some drizzle stitches on the left of the circle, knotted pearl stitch around the inner circle and down the middle. A double cast on stitch on the right side and some French knots.  Bullion stitch surround the large circle.
 I love the citrus colour of these silks and velvet leaves.  Notice the woven picot stitch on the top of the leaf.
 I count SIX layers on this leaf!
 Drizzle stitch on top of the chick's head and her tail.  Woven picot for both the wing and beak.  Woven circle for eye and wing.  Double cast on stitch across the belly.  Bullion stitches around the wing and also to make her feet and legs!
 Love the simplicity of this leaf with the cut out veins.
 Woven picot stitch for the trunk of the palm and bullion knots for palm fronds.
 Woven picots in centre and cast on bullions around the outside.
 Here is my interpretation of the palm tree.  I used the same variegated thread for the trunk and palm fronds.  I did the double cast on stitch for the palm fronds.
 A woven trellis stitch on the wing and bullion knots along the bird's breast.
 Drizzle stitch on the head and some beads and some beads on silk ribbon along the wing.  The peach bird has a string of pearl stitch along it's neck and bullion knots outlining it. These are Kathleen's birds.
 Beaded closed fly stitch done by Kathleen.
 Pistil stitch couching down silken chenille and beaded drizzle stitch on one of my leaves.
Some Dazzle thread drizzle stitches along with some French knots added to the woven circles make fireworks in the sky.
 I added some tete de boeuf to the outside of the inner leaf to finish this leaf off.
Sue also demonstrated the woven trellis.  I've done two and asked her if she thought I could make an open crescent shape?  She said why not try it and this is the result.  I like how it finished.  Now to decide what to do with the top half of the leaf.
June 29th, today I'm linking up with Supermom No Cape.


Rachaeldaisy said...

The class really covered a lot of ground in just two days. You've learnt so many stitches and embellishments, and I bet you've got a head full of inspiration too.

Anna said...

Just love the little palm tree!!!

Christine Barnsley said...

What a fabulous class! You learned so much.... and so many new ideas! Have fun!

Susan said...

How lucky! My best friend loved Sue Spargo and did several classes with her. When she died, she left me her BOM from 2013, the Bird one. I haven't done anything on it yet, and may decide to sell it on eBay, because I really don't think I can do it justice.

Linda M @ Pieceful Kingdom said...

Oh, what fun! That must be an amazing class. I've purchased Sue's Craftsy class and am waiting on the kit to go with it. It looks so fun!

SuperMomNoCape said...

Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and sharing more of your amazing class with Sue Spargo!

I love your palm tree!