Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Roses and views from Burnaby Mountain

Sunday drives are always a fun tradition.  This Sunday mom and I drove up to Burnaby Mountain to have a lovely dinner at Horizons Restaurant.  Burnaby Mountain is about 1200ft high and affords some lovely views of the lower Vancouver area.  They also have some gorgeous rose gardens.
 These yellow booms were so pretty.
 Luscious reds.
 Buds and full blossoms.
 Delicate pinks.
 Pinks with yellow tones.
 This one was called Poseidon, almost a lavender colour.
 A slightly larger blossom.
 Part of the garden with an arbour.
 Deeper pink/red.
 Foxgloves at the end of the cycle.
 Looking down along Burrard Inlet east towards Indian Arm.  Both freighters and pleasure craft far below.
 Burnaby has fun with it's topiary designs.  In the past they have had trees shaped as birds.  Here is what they did in 2008 a fresh snow had fallen.
 I love the wire sculpture of the little one.
 A more full bloom foxglove. About four from the bottom you can see a bee bum in the bud.
 Can you spot it a bit closer look.
 A slightly different view looking towards Indian Arm.  Friends took me up by boat several years ago, it is lovely.
 Looking west towards Stanley Park, with the Lion's Gate Bridge crossing over to the North Shore and in the foreground you can see the Ironworkers' Memorial Second Narrows Crossing, which collapsed while it was being build on June 17, 1958 the bridge collapsed and 78 workers plunged 100 feet and 18 died.
Here is some information of the tragic event.  For many years the name was shortened to the 2nd Narrows Crossing but a few years ago the original name was brought back.
 Looking down towards the downtown area of Vancouver.
 These are Japanese totem gifted to Burnaby by their sister city in Japan.
 This area is very popular year round.  Several families were having picnics on the grass behind us.
 You can see a stop sign in the lower left corner and the road leading down the mountain.  To the left of the sign is a popular sledding hill when it snows.
 Looking toward the Metrotown area of Burnaby.
 One last view of the Vancouver downtown and looking west towards Vancouver Island.  I'm blessed to live in such a lovely rainforest and to have been born here.


paulette said...

Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing! Aren't we lucky!

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's always good to take time out to smell the roses. Those topiaries are amazing, I've never seen any like them. Thanks for sharing your lovely day out with us.

Anna said...

Such beautiful photos! Our roses in Portland are now on the wilt stage.