Thursday, 13 August 2015

New Project in the Works.

Over the weekend I started stitching some backgrounds for a new project I've wanted to do for awhile.  The colours aren't in my usual wheelhouse.  But I love the overall project.  I managed to get this from another gal I met on the Internet.  Her friend had purchased the kit and then unfortunately passed away.  When she told me she was selling it I jumped at the opportunity.  Last week the first two packages arrived.  Unfortunately one block went astray but she is looking to find it.  If not found I'll find another wool to fill in.

The white circles on the lower left block are freezer paper template to aid in stitching some circles.
 By Wednesday I had all the background stitching done.
 Here is a closer look at the circles that were back stitched and then French knots added.  The block behind has one of the next layers sewn to aid in the placement of the Pistil stitches along the lined Zakka fabric.  I've never worked with it or linen and loving the texture it gives.
 Some Crested chain stitch along with some more back stitching French knots and my first attempts at Seed stitch.  I'm pleased with the results.
 The back stitch circles are a bit wonky but fortunately the next layer will cover this flaw.  Last night I started adding the next layer of wool while waiting for some Aurifil Threads to arrive.
 I also got two license plates in the mail.  One from A Needle Pulling Thread in Digby Nova Scotia, love their phrase and below is from Pacific Fabrics in Northgate Seattle Washington.
 I also found out that Laura's Fashion Fabrics in White Rock B.C. had their plate in and I had to buy a fabric treat of some lovely Batiks and some sparkly fabric.


Sheila said...

Looks like a very interesting project and lucky you to have those licence plates they are so cool . I seen one just yesterday for the Needle Pulling Thread shop , a friend had bought it and had picked up the row quilt pattern which I also love .

Rachaeldaisy said...

Those backgrounds look great!! Love all the textural stitching.

paulette said...

I would call this a MAJOR SCORE!! LOVE these background...everything about them!! Can't wait to see what you make!

Nancy in MT said...

Beautiful backgrounds and stitching, sure looks like Sue Spargo's In Full Bloom. I'm fond of how Sue combines so many textures in her backgrounds.

Sherri @ said...

Love the license plates! 😊