Thursday, 1 September 2016

A Visit With Sylvia Pippen.

I mentioned last week I had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia Pippen.  Well Anna had made arrangements to do a video interview for her YouTube channel Quilt Roadies and I tagged along to help out.  Sylvia lives in a lovely home with just over an an acre of land and we went up to her studio to record the interview and see some of her amazing works of art.  She shared with us her newest piece still in progress that will be a block of the month and let me say you will want to sign up for this beauty.  It is a combination of Sashiko and applique and you will receive fabrics for all the applique along with the Sashiko threads.
 Here is an overall picture of the piece.  Final placement of them are yet to be determined.  Her mom Kitty Pippen was coming over later in the afternoon to help with the design.  Still busy at age 96!
 I love jelly fish and have photographed some and Sylvia definitely has their floating appearance down.  All these fish are traditional applique, no laser cutting or fusing here.
 The coral and other plant life look amazing.
 Each month you will get the fabrics and threads for these beauties.
 I think this along with the top wave row are my favourite ones.
 Some of the fabrics she used for this project included this lovely marbled fabric made for her.
 She also used some commercial fabrics along with some digital print ones.
 Love this whimsical chicken hanging from her design wall.
 Her view of Mt. Baker from her design studio.
 One last peek before exploring more of her home.
 This is the piece that Anna is working on presently, tucked into a low lit room to protect the quilts from fading.
 A combination of Sashiko and applique.
 I've seen other people's version but the original is always the best.
 Some absolutely lovely pieces including some of her mom's.
 Love how the design extends past the red border.
 Such serenity and simplicity.
 This was one piece of fabric cut up and arranged.
 She does some of her own cyanotype printing.  This was originally used to make blue prints!
 Words fail.
 Hawaiian influences.
 She has a small store in her home.  Her son and daughter help her with the business.
 I believe this is one of Kitty's pieces done with silks.
 Some cyanotype printed blocks.
 Touches of applique added.
 Additions of applique.
 Addition of Sashiko
 French knots.
 Pops of colour.
 Loved this one.
 Inspirations from her garden.
 ...more inspiration.
 The night sky two evenings previous could have been a source for this moon.
 Japanese Anemone probably used for some printing.
 I used to have one of these in pink but I gave it to a friend.
 Honey suckle.
 Love the electric pinks in this bloom.
 Such a delicate bloom.
 Our departure from this lovely inspirational lady.  If you would like to see the video interview of Sylvia with Anna click here.  Anna also did a slide show and post on The Quilt Show Daily Blog here.
I just notice that Anna added Part 2 of her interview with Sylvia here.


paulette said...

Thanks, Sandi! Very interesting to see another form of quilting! What a lovely studio...and that view!!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Wow!! So many beautiful quilts!! Thank you for introducing me to this amazing quilter. It's lovely you got to visit her home too. It makes it such a personal experience.

WoolenSails said...

How fun to go with Anna and visit with Sylvia. I love the look of the quilts and the stitching, that would be something fun to try.


Anna Bates said...

I love seeing your perspective! I have got to do that moon one....yum!

KaHolly said...

Wow! I need to check her out! Amazing talent and skill there! Enjoy your weekend! XO

The little book of Nessie said...

I can see how you enjoyed your visit. Lovely quilts and nice people. Regards, Nessie

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. So many lovely works of art. Are you going to do the BOM when it's ready?