Monday, 6 March 2017

Busy as a Bee, Coming in like a Lion.

I got some of my circles prepped for Down the Rabbit Hole and learned how to do a continuous bias for the first time.  On Friday I had all the circles pinned and prepped and had almost half the bias stitched down when I went over to my stitching group.
 Here are are few of my favourite flowers.  I bought a small piece of this bee fabric about a year ago and finally found a purpose for it.
 I also made a smaller circle for a centre and this looked like the perfect large circle to add her to.  My flowers are pink, yellow and orange with three neutral greys with pops of colour.
 Love this happy accident of SEW.
 Some of the fabrics I did reverse for large and small circles.
 Had some dotty fun with others.
 Here you can see my different choices for stems, two batiks and a small cotton dot print.
 This turquoise and yellow print is a favourite of mine.
 Here was the centre before I started.
 My first layout I realized I had grouped a lot of lights too close together.
So I shifted them around and pinned them in place or thread tacked them.
 Unfortunately I managed to dislodge and misplace a few.  But found them all and ended up with this as my finished centre.  I also sewed down the centre circle which on next month's to do list.
 Here is a reminder of what the quilt will become.  Next up will be adding leaves, the centre (done) and the first narrow border.  Can't wait to start building those houses!  If you are on Instagram you can search #sarahfielkebom2017 to see what others are up to.  You can still join this group by going to Sarah Fielke website here.
Oh one more thing. this is what I woke up to yesterday morning.  By noon it was gone.
 But when I went to pick up my mom for dinner it started again. They had to close off several of our steeper hills due to treacherous conditions.  Around 9 last night it was coming down quite heavily and the news was warning people be careful on the steep hills in New Westminster.  Glad I was home stitching on my March focus on quilting pieces. Unfortunately the short video I is too large to send to my desktop.  I managed to post it at #shhdesigns1 on Instagram.
Looks like the slow melt is happening and the Spring bulbs will once again be uncovered.


WoolenSails said...

I love how that came out, the fabrics are so fun for this piece. I can't believe that is just the center, lol.
I wish the weather would make up it's mind, it is up and down here, yesterday it was too cold again so hard to get photos without freezing.


Kyle said...

Love, love your circle flowers. The colors are bright, crisp, and charming all in one. It's going to be a awesome quilt in your color way.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

You have some fun fabrics in your circles--it's going to be wonderful!

Susan said...

Our spring weather turned back to winter, too - arctic air from Canada settling in the valley for a couple of days. The snow flurried, but not sticking, as it's too warm. I really like your circle center. The bees are too cute, and the serendipity of the "sew" is amazing. This all looks so different (and so much better!) in person than seeing the black and white drawing. Now I can see you will have a wonderful quilt!