Friday, 10 March 2017

Signs of Spring, Staying Focused on Quilting.

Came home this afternoon to this view of the courtyard.  It's hard to see but the weeping cherry tree buds are starting to swell, often by this time it is in bloom but due to a very cold and snowy February they haven't burst forth yet.

 Did you notice the ducks resting by the edge of the pond. here is a closer peek.  We've had nesting ducks at our pool since at least 2000.  Maybe we will see some this year.  Several years ago they cleared a lot of the undergrowth from the edge of the pool and they stopped.

I started doing some of the embellishment stitching on Wednesday at my wool group on block 1 of House Party Revival.
House 2 has the stitching along the roof edge but still needs the chimney and other touches.
Last night I started this block and today at my Friday group I got almost all the bias stitched down.  Then I'll add the rest of the wool applique and start on House 4.
How is your focus doing for the month?


WoolenSails said...

We got a bit of snow, so no blooms for awhile.
Your house blocks are fun, great fabric choices.


OPQuilt said...

Beautiful pictures of where you live and I love the details you point out. Your stitching is coming along – and it's very cute!

The little book of Nessie said...

Love your pictures. Hope your weather starts to warm up soon. Your stitching looks great. Regards, Nessie

Kyle said...

Your house party blocks are coming along just like spring is trying to do. I've had quite a few distractions this month so far which means the sewing and stitching have taken a back seat. I'm hopefully that the calendar will clear soon.

Susan said...

My focus is all over the place. LOL Maybe next month. I like the blocks you are doing. Thanks for posting the tree - gorgeous pic. I very much want a weeping cherry in my yard.