Thursday, 25 May 2017

Staying Focused on Tulips, Spring on the Quay and Throwback Thursday.

 I've got the first four rows sewn together,,,
 I've also got the last four sewn together.

Here they are laid out to be sewn together as a whole piece.  I'm now working on appliqueing the tulips and a few more leaves and then it will be ready for the next step.
 This is the cover quilt on Quiltmania that I used.  I've changed the size of the block, the width of the stems and designed my own leaf shapes.  I'm also doing template and starch method of applique rather than fusing as the pattern calls.
 This little guy has been visiting me and singing to me almost every day.
 I managed to creep a bit closer the next day to get this photo.
 Here is a short video of the wind storm we had the other day.

Here is another short video of trying to find him in the maple tree as he is singing to me.  When the video is still you can just see his head jerking as he cheeps at the bottom of the tree close to the horizontal branch.

Spotted a heart on this poppy in the centre.
 The heart poppy is the top of the five in this photo.
 Look at all the flowers on the Rosemary plant in Rita's garden.
 Walking down to Rita's there were two seagulls enjoying a respite on the deadhead tree.
 Coming back a crow came to visit with a Cormorant?
 Deciding not to talk to each other.
 Crow gone but Cormorant enjoying flexing his wings.
 The trees are filling out and the rhododendrons are in full bloom.
 Throw back Thursday to 1995 when I was interviewed by the Royal City Record about the mohair Teddy Bears I used to make and teach classes at a local quilt shop.
 I think the photographer must have taken 50 or more photos.  The big bear on my left is almost 2 feet tall and my original design.
What's going on in your neighbourhood?


WoolenSails said...

I love your version of the quilt, it is really beautiful.
Love that photo and article, how fun to be featured and your teddy bears are adorable.
I was reading that cormorants destroy the vegetation with their droppings, guess it kills plants in the areas they are in.


Anna Bates said...

I agree with Debbie and might add there is no comparison! Yours is stunning! Wish I could grow tulips here but they are candy for the landscapers 😡. Love your mohair family💗 and you are so wonderful about capturing your world and sharing, thank you💗

Sue McQ said...

The tulips are so lovely! Aren't the little birds a sweet part of life?
Blessings from Sue @

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Love how your Tulips turned out--so much more fun than your inspiration! I may have a few tulips finally opening in the garden this weekend if the deer don't come by for a snack.

Kyle said...

Your addition of the leaves with the tulips adds so much more. I'm hoping to work on that same pattern and I might, with your blessing, have to add some leaves! Spring has definitely come to your neighborhood. What a wonderful article about your artistic talent. I'm assuming you still have all those delightful bears. Thanks for sharing what's happening in your neck of the woods.

The little book of Nessie said...

Your tulips are progressing well. The photo and article is lovely to look back on and your teddies are great. It is a lovely pastime looking at nature and all the birds etc. Regards, Nessie

Susan - No-reply by choice. said...

What fun to see you and your bears! Your tulip quilt continues to become more and more appealing every time I see it. I much prefer it to the original. Great job of being inspired and going further. The quay looks great. I've never had rosemary bloom, though of course it grows wild in hedges in southern Arizona and blooms every year like crazy. Such pretty things you have noticed. I enjoy that you share them!

Karen said...

What a pretty tulip quilt and so many tulips!