Thursday, 12 October 2017

Thanksgiving, Down the Rabbit Hole

This is Strutter a design from Primitive Gatherings I stitched up and I did Gobble till I Wobbled, just noticed my spelling error!
 I took a fresh turkey and all the trimmings over to cook at my mom's place.  She lives on the 13th floor and looks to the south and west.  Some of the trees are starting to turn in our area.
 This is the same bridge that I show in my photos but being high up you can see that there is an island where the Fraser has two arms.  I live just before the splitting to the North and South arms.
 Mom also has a view to the North as she is on a northwest corner. A bit more colour to these trees.
 I got my hexagon borders on Thanksgiving Day and brought it up and laid it out on her queen sized bed.  There are still two more borders to come so it will cover the top and drape down the sides.
 At this point I forgot to bring leaves I had intended on starting to applique while we waited for the turkey to cook.
 But I got them finished this morning.  This is the top left corner, notice the bunny on the sunflower.  I orientated the blocks so on each corner they are facing the correct direction.
 Top right with two different leaves.  I did the stems all the same and used two of the other hexagon prints for the leaves and two more.
 Bottom Left corner.
 Bottom Right.
The next border has two large leaping bunnies centred with a tulip in the middle on the top and bottom.  These four borders will be worked over the next three months with the pieced border don during the third month.  On the sides will be two sitting bunnies centred with a heart.  Other flowers and vines will be added.  Off to cut my borders so I can start stitching.  I'm caught up!


Kyle said...

Your quilt top looks lovely all stretched out on the bed. I think the rabbits are going to be a fun border to work on. It's interesting hiw the view looks so different from the 13th floor!

Karen said...

I am about to finish up a Thanksgiving wall hanging. I like your turkey!

WoolenSails said...

I haven't done any turkey quilts, guess I need to go through my books, I know I have some.
Love how the quilt looks on the bed, that is stunning and you have really put a lot of work and thought into the design.
Nice to be up high and have those views.


KaHolly said...

Looks awesome spread out on mum's bed! Makes it much easier to appreciate the size of this beauty! Apparently I wasn't paying close enough attention, because I didn't realize it was so large! You are doing an amazing job and I am in awe!

traco said...

Your Rabbit Hole is so bright and colorful! I love it❤️❤️ I’m excited to see how all of our quilts are going to look the same yet different as they work up:). So nsorry cow to meet you Sandi!