Sunday, 1 April 2018

This is no April Fool's Joke, Easter is here!

On Wednesday I was on Instagram and saw a cute trio of bunnies by Karen Ackva @easypatchwork. She commented that they were lacking bunny tails.  I decided to get out a sketchbook and came up with this idea. I thought the Kaffe Fassett print looks like they are in a field of Spring Flowers.  The other version they are on a white field of flowers.
 These are only about 8" x 11" or smaller but I had fun and may try making a larger version of a single bunny.
 Karen stitched her version with white thread but I'm liking the black version.
 Being on a sketching version I decided to make another attempt at stitching those flower vases I made earlier in the month.  I ripped all the previous stitching out and then spritz them with water to help get ride of the needle holes left behind.
 I managed to get all six of the flower vases quilted on Friday.
 I also got the two bunny pieces made on Friday.
 Saturday was machine stitching the bindings on.
 Saturday night was hand stitching the bindings to finish.
 I made my deadline for finishing these for March by about 15 minutes!
 My view this morning, the sun and blue skies are starting to show up now but the day started a bit grey.
 The weeping trees have been ahead of the cherry blossoms at the front of the property.
 Yesterday the blossoms were already falling.
 I love how this tree has blossoms on the trunk.
 I even notice a few at the base of the trunk budding out.
 So pretty and delicate but they smell amazing!
 Yesterday's view.
 The seed heads of the Pampas grass from last year are still hanging in.
 I love how the branches just skim above the water.
 The reflection is so serene.
 I put together 25 baskets for a lap quilt.  I'm trying to decide how I'll quilt it.  I'm pleased how it has turned out.  I'll take the remaining 9 baskets and make them into a small wall hanging for myself or my mom if she likes it.  It may be a bit modern for her liking.
Have a lovely Easter. we're planning on going looking at some of the blossom and going on a drive today.


The little book of Nessie said...

Your rabbits look cute. The blossom trees are pretty. Love your baskets. Regards,


Karen in Breezy Point said...

Those cherry blossoms look beautiful--I can almost smell them! It will be a while before it looks like spring around here--we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. Boo. Your baskets are so fun--love them!

WoolenSails said...

Those rabbits are so cute and a fun idea with the speciality prints. I do love the machine quilting, need to find time to play with some of my own. I wonder if the blooms will ever come, I am sure they are confused, lol.


Susan said...

Love the baskets! I want a weeping cherry so much, but they are hard to come by here. There's one about three blocks from me, and I think he may have ordered it from a mail order place when it was small. It's so pretty!