Sunday, 24 May 2020

Happy 95th Birthday Mom!

Unfortunately this is how we celebrated her big birthday this year thru the glass.  We chatted on the phone and tried to include my Aunt Pat via FaceTime, but I didn't have enough hands to hold everything easily we had to cut Auntie out of the visit.
 Her birthday falls on World Bee Day and if you follow me you know I love photographing them hence that is why I'm doing all Bee cross stitch samplers this month. Ths is how far I got over three days last weekend.
 A bit closer, I wasn't going to touch it until June again.
 But he looked lopsided without his other wing so Monday night I stitched it on.
 I also added a bee to my next sampler circle which is a 1.5" one and added a stem and some leaves to the flower.
 Rita's white poppies are opening up.
 She is also getting strawberries on her ever bearing plants.
 A sunflower circle.
 More pretty flowers from Rita's garden.
 The promise of more strawberries.
 Love the seed heads forming on this allium.
 Her neighbour has a huge multi blooming peony right now.
 They are very close together.  So tight he cut one of the blossoms for me.
 Queen Anne's lace.
 So delicate.
 Lots of clouds rolling thru but no rain this day.
 My bloom 24 hours after receiving it.  Still intact today.
 This Friday's Sampler of Bees.
 Day one.
 Closer look.
 Day 3, very happy with my progress.
 Here is my overall layout of my circles.  You can see I've left some negative space in areas.
 The top third.
 The middle third.
 And the bottom third.
Back to my latest Bee Sampler.  I needed to do some Euripides which I'll explain later.


Janice Smith said...

Hi, I saw your post “Happy 95th Birthday Mom” listed on one of my very favorite blogs, Woolie Mammoth,” and had to check it out.
Your mom looks absolutely lovely.
I, too, am doing the Sue Spargo circle sampler and loved your decision to use a few different sized circles. Awesome idea! It has been a great learning experience for me, though I am a bit behind. In some cases I have totally followed Sue’s directions and some circles I have changed them a bit or did my own thing.
I, also, chose not to stitch the cat. :-()
If you would like to see some of my circle work, please visit my blog, “A Positive Outlook”

KaHolly said...

95! Now, she’s seen it all, hasn’t she! Happy belated birthday to your mom!