Friday, 3 October 2008

Colours of autumn on the west coast of Washington and the Oregon Coast. Last week I drove down to Oregon to go to the Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland. Before the show we drove down through Washington state. These heart shaped leaves are coloured from beige to red on the same tree.
I'm not sure what these seed pods are but the red/pink colours are almost neon.
This tree has the same heart shape leaves as the leaves in the first picture.
As we drove north along the Oregon coast from Tillamook, we came across this interesting sky, with breaks of blue coming through.
This formation is called Twin Rocks, through the fog you can see there is a hole/arch in the left rock.
This co-operative young seagull showed off his feathers for me.
The different vistas along the coast are incredible, each corner bring a new view to enjoy and take your breath away.
Thursday morning found Haystack Rock on Canon Beach shrouded in fog and mist.
The sign says it all...
These starfish lights are in the downtown shopping area of Seaside, Oregon.
Friday morning the sun shone, so we went back down to Canon beach to walk along the beach.
The earthquake could happen on the other side of the ocean, not just here on the West Coast.
Haystack Rock without the mist and fog, I like the reflection in the receding water.
We didn't try the food here this time, but maybe on our next visit!
This has to be one of the prettiest manhole covers I've ever seen.
Heading home after the quilt show, we stopped in Centralia, Washington. There were several pretty murals in this town, but I liked this one best.
In front of the mural were different varieties of sunflowers.
Some were hiding in the shade of others.
Some had bees checking them out.
Some had a lot of petals.
Some were bowing their heads.
This sign caught my eye, I wonder how often all the beds are full?


The little book of Nessie said...

Love your photos Sandi, autumn is a lovely time of the year with all her colours. Regards, Nessie

Carol said...

What beautiful pictures of the Oregon Coastline and landmarks along your trip. I could almost smell the ocean mist as I looked through the fog in those photos!

You were truly blessed to have had that experience!