Friday, 3 October 2008

Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland Oregon was amazing. Janet Fogg was a featured quilter. I've seen her quilts at APNQ in Seattle Washington, but never so many in one place before. I enjoy how she used so many different greens to represent the spikey leaves of the pineapple
Don't you feel like you could hop onto this bike and smell the daisy!
I wish I could get into the driver's seat of this woody and take a drive down the beach and enjoy the sunset and fresh sea air.
I like how Janet incorporated the flower motif into the wheel cover of the car.
Living on the west coast, I love to see how bears are related to in quilts. This grizzly looks to have been disturbed while in a private moment.
I love the look of expectation in his eyes, as if to say, okay, you've got your picture, now move on and let me be.

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Carol said...

Your pictures of the quilts and the closeups of the fabrics and quilting details are exquisite!

Thank you for giving me an amazing armchair tour of a quilt show!