Thursday, 11 June 2009

Driving along the Redwood Highway, you never know which way the road will bend. First it goes to the left and then to the right. Ferns and mosses line the forest floor with dappled sunlight filtering through the is good! At a driving break in Half Moon Bay, I spotted these glass cherries, sorry Mary Lou the shop was closed so I couldn't find out how much they cost.
Travelling around you can see some amazing public art in both large and small towns.
This tree arches over the street in Pacific Grove.
This deer jumped in front of my car and disappeared in high grasses, by the time I found my camera and turned the corner, I found it munching away in the parking lot.
In Cambria we stopped again for a break and found this amazing bronze by Tim Cotterill, known as the Frogman.
This piece is almost 12 feet tall and the detail is amazing. He is found at Artifacts Gallery in Cambria.
I love it when photographing flowers if I find an insect in the shot. This bee flew in and wanted to be a part of the picture.
This dolphin fountain is in Santa Barbara at the start of the Stearns Wharf. Some birds flew in to take a drink just after I took this shot.
Here is one of the pigeons thinking of having a drink.
Now I've heard about putting your head in, but this is a bit ridiculous. He did it several times before flying way.
This is the view back towards the beach from the pier, I love the action in the sky. The Palm Trees make this picture so California.
When we got to the back of the pier we found a squadron of Pelicans hanging out. They let you get quite close to them. I love the red tip on this one's beak and how he is watching me so closely.
This one suddenly took flight and I managed to get a shot, not quite in focus, but still amazing.
In Carlsbad I noticed this tree, and found out it is called the Kapok Tree, just to the right and higher you can see one of the pods that has not yet cracked. This fiber was used to make inflatable vests. They have a beautiful pink bloom that looks like a cross between an orchid and a lily.
In Old Town we checked out some of the shops, I like the colours in this plate, makes you want to pick the fruit off and eat it.
In this shop their store window had a lot of Day of the Death displays.
The tiles on these stairs look like traditional quilt blocks and applique designs.
An outdoor cafe flew these lovely colourful cut out banners.
Once again some beautiful outdoor murals depicting a time gone by.
I have a "thing" for yellow lemons, can't pass them up. They make food so fresh and appetizing. I don't think these ones will spoil too quickly!

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Lovely to see some pictures of your trip. Lovely colours. Regards, Nessie