Friday, 12 June 2009

The San Diego Zoo is a must see if you ever get to Southern California... This colourful peacock greeted us as we came onto the grounds.
The Flamingo grotto is just inside the entrance. This year we got to visit during nesting time. Look at the growth chart to see the approximate age of some of the birds I photographed.
I was impressed with one's balancing act, the hind foot looked just so relaxed.

Time for a morning stretch...oh look there is an egg on the mud nest!
I guess this is where the term "ruffled feathers" came to be known.
Look, I'd love to come for a dip, but I'm sitting on an egg right now, but I will have a snack while we talk...
When will I get to be that pretty colour? Just how many shrimp do I need to change to pink?
The morning sun is just too bright to wake up right now.
Another egg for all to see.
Keeping a watchful eye on junior.
A few more ruffled feathers.
Hey, look at me! I'm balancing on one leg!
The koalas seem to be able to sleep in almost any position.
Are you getting my best side? wink, wink, chew, chew.
Hey, what is that noise at the back of my cage, they must be making lunch!
I'll just munch on a few bamboo leaves while waiting for the main course to arrive.
What are you trying to do? Bribe me with treats to get in the water?
I think I'm enjoying this new habitat, it is taking a bit to get used to all the space we have here.
Forget about the water, a dirt bath is just as enjoyable.
Just hanging out in the old elephant habitat, how come they get the new place and we get their old stomping ground?
This giraffe was born in March and is already 6 feet tall.
This is a blacked neck swan.
As with anything there has to be an end to the day...
This sign welcomes you to El Cajon Boulevard on the way to Rosie's Calico Cupboard, southern California's largest quilt shop.
Here is a photo of one of the larger species of bird of paradise. I've seen these taller than one story buildings.
The kites were flying by the Seaport Village, see the San Diego Coronado bridge in the background.

Here is the view of the bridge from another angle.
Fish anyone?
This is a series of art picnic tables designed in 2008.
Here is an overview of all the tables.
These ants definitely were not invited to the picnic.
The trade and convention centre on the right with the sails is going to be expanded once again.
The red and green against the sky looks spectacular. The cloud formation interesting.
Doesn't that say it all?

Little Italy, definitely a place to stroll, have dinner, a coffee and enjoy the southern Californina evening.
Filippi's, come early or you will be waiting in line. They can seat up to 250 between the different dining rooms and their patio. Make sure you bring your appetite, the servings are large.
A Jaracanda tree in full bloom, this one was in Santa Barbara.
A close-up of the blooms.
The seed pods after the flowers are finished blooming. You can see flowers and pods on the same tree.

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