Sunday, 14 June 2009

Leaving the L.A. area and heading into the hills before entering the valley, you can see how brown everything is, no wonder the fires move so quickly when they happen.As you get closer to the valley pockets of green and old Oak trees are seen.
Southern California gets most of its water from Northern California. A lot of riverbeds are dry as you pass by. In the north they a full of water.
This mural along with others is in Springfield Oregon, I like how the quilt blocks are incorporated into the painting. I'd love to spend some time and exam it more closely the next time I visit.
What a creative way to brighten up a municipal parking lot. Hey, the parking is free!
A wonderful collection of saying on these signs.
For all of my quilting friends...
Back home I came over to my friend Rita's place to take some pictures and her cat came out to check what I was doing.
Poppy seed pods are so interesting as they form.
A day earlier Rita had many more poppies in bloom, they don't like the sunny dry weather we've been having and drop their petals quickly.
Isn't this blue sweet pea just wonderful, it looks like it is blushing while having its picture taken.
This peony is just in front of my condo, the colour is almost fluorescent!
I spotted these lilies today when walking after breakfast, are they not lovely?

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Dixie said...

Hi Sandi, All your photos are awesome...I am always amazing at the talent we have in quilters...
I love all the colors and styles...Hugs, Dixie Minor - Missouri