Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bee aware...birds overhead... check out Mary Lou's new blog! Have a hoot and try to match your socks.

Mary Lou Weidman has a new blog..for some reason she can't access her old blog Mary Lou and Cherries too [].  Check out her new blog Mary Lou and Whimsy Too at
Mary Lou's yahoo groups have fun with block exchanges.  We've done four recently and had a great time with them all.  The bees were the first one.
 Our current one is birds, these are the ones that have flown off from me.
I have to get all my owls together in my parliament for a group photo.  I had fun with some floral fabrics for the effect of feathers.
The socks were also fun to make, the ones I've received are all different colours and sizes.  It will be fun to get them all together in one quilt.

Mary Lou is planning on a fish exchange for our next swap.  Come and join our fun!  Here is some inspiration for some colour choices.

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marylouweidman said...

Sandi sweetie, thank you for telling people about my new blog. I had 222 folowers and now I have 33. I am frustrated but I love the new cheddar color and your write up made me blush, thank you.