Monday, 13 June 2011

Road to Mary Lou Weidman's retreat in Post Falls Idaho

Had a lovely day on the road.  I made a brief stop at the Buggy Barn on the way.
 The Buggy Barn  is set amongst farm fields
 For a small shop it is loaded with inspiration and lots of fabrics.
 On Sunday Mary Lou took us down to the Spokane Rive and showed us the play set that she donated in her mother's memory.
 Next stop was the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane.  Here is my lunch of bagels and lox.  The flower in the centre is the lox!
 Mary Lou's Thai Chicken Salad.  Everyone's meals were lovely.
 A view above of the dining area.
 Cherubs decorating the staircase.
 Mary Lou showing her new bag to Louis, who built the hotel.
 Next we drove to Duncan Gardens.
 Manito Park has a lovely formal garden and conservatory.
 Shrimp flowers.
 Wonderful veined leaves.
 Escargot begonia.
 Next stop was Mel's nursery and gift shop.
A unique view about online dating!
Today we start our creativity.  Stay Tuned!

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