Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mary Lou retreat days 2 and 3!

Somehow I forgot to take pictures of our projects yesterday, but I remember to take a quick picture our Laurie Latta, Mary Lou's friend and our wonderful chef.
 Each morning we start out with a show and tell of Mary Lou's quilts and a discussion of the coming day. Some I can't photograph because they are featured in her new upcoming book Out of the Box Blocks, a follow up to her Out of the Box book.
 She will pack so much into each quilt.
 Love the expression of the bird with the lovely berry in it's mouth.
 Aiea has a lovely story about her grandchildren unfolding.  She had her frame done before class started and has done a lot of woke with her drawing.
 Lissa's blocks making some progress.
 Nancy is building some trees along with her hoochy mama blocks.
 Aiea has copied her master pattern and getting ready to trace her blocks to applique.
 Val is planning her background and is doing some interviewing.
 Sandy from Davis showed the quilt she made her daughter for her 21st birthday; she is wearing a crown she made for her 6th birthday.
 Eileen from last year's group dropped by to say hi and show us her small story quilt.
 Here is a picture of my story quilt coming together.  My mom and I do a lot of road trips together and this depicts some of the places we've been together.
 Sandy from Davis and Wendy from California's blocks growing in numbers.
 Aiea starting to pick out fabrics for her various pieces to applique.
 Laurie and Eileen doing a Mexican dance celebrating our lovely chicken fajita dinner.
 Dawn's story is coming together.
 Lissa has her frame for her story all ready.
Sandy from Bozeman's frame is nearing completion for her Italian story.
 I also made two more birds, one for Mary Lou and this one for Karen in Tennessee.  It will take flight before I leave home on Saturday.
Lots of progress over the past two days of creativity and we still have two more to go!

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