Sunday, 18 August 2013

7th Annual Quayside Boardwalk Sale.

Yesterday was our annual boardwalk sale, each year it grows in size.

Although the day was cloudy it was a great day for selling with a breeze coming off the river.

At several places they had seating for people to enjoy live music. Just outside my condo was a good 70's revival rock group. Couldn't get a good picture of them though. There were also service groups, politicians, information booths along with food and beverage vendors.

All sorts of things for sale but restraint was my guide. Last year they had a local realtor with a dunk tank.

The river is tidal and despite the sandbar the tugs were out doing their thing. Temperatures got into the mid twenties, and it was a bit muggy.

This beautiful bike was on display, not vintage and not for sale but lots of admirers.

Beautiful leather seat.

Love those tires.

Viva Kilo, company is only 5 years old.

Beautiful Nantucket Bike Basket.

Zinnias along the boardwalk.

Beautiful flowers all around they photograph so nice with the overcast skies.

Love the bees.

The aftermath, tablecloths to be gathered. Note not much trash, neighbourly pride.

Shopping carts used to move things to vehicles.

My one purchase for the day a sugar/syrup dispenser for the outrageous price of one dollar! Love the lemon yellow and the hexagon shape of the glass.

Now to wait for next years sale and maybe set up a table of my own.

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The little book of Nessie said...

Nice pictures Sandi. It is always nice to find a treasure to take home. Enjoy your warm weather. Here where I am it is cold! Regards, Nessie