Friday, 9 August 2013

More sewing treasures.

Several years ago I found this lovely pink sewing box in Garden Grove Oregon.

The decals are lovely.

The inside is in very good condition, along with the spool holders.

Another beauty I found was in Needles California, where Snoopy's brother Spike lives...remember Peanuts cartoon strip by Charles Schultz?

The lid was missing but all the guarantee and instructions were there.

Love the turquoise cord and the water spritzer.

A pretty pink lady.

Her body comes off.

She is a thread holder and has space for pins or even a pin cushion in the middle. I think the idea is that you let the thread come though the upper opening and just pulled if you wanted some more. I got her in Port Townsend Washington.

This I got from my grandfather. They lived in Regina before moving to Vancouver. The outside advertised Drope and Hosie General Insurance Agents in Regina Saskatchewan.

It dispenses straight pins. You load them inside sharp side down and then press the smaller round cylinder. The pin appears at the little hole much safer than a pin box. Unfortunately it won't work with the large yellow head pins so popular now.

Another lovely treasure is this embroidered pin cushion.

These tortoise shell sock knitting needles were my great grandmother's. the metal ones were also hers love the mitten covers for the ends.

My aunt gave me these knitting needles in the wooden holder and said they were also my great grandmother's.

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paulette said...

Some lovely treasures...especially the ones from the great GM!! See you come by your quilting naturally!