Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mary Lou Weidman watering can and flower swaps

In the Spring we swapped watering cans and then decided to also do some flowers using the same background fabric/colours so they could be used in the same project.  We had more people make flowers than watering cans and some people didn't make flowers.  Here are the results of the two swaps.
 This watering can was by Michalee Sloan.
 Sandy Fisher was clever and made her block in the pouring position!
 Mary Lou Weidman.
 Diane Volk Harris made this charming pair.
 Edie Faile made this tulip looking flower.
 Shelley Dameron made the nine patch flower.
 Hexagon bloom by Michele Groth.
 Asterisk flower by Mari Linfesty our swap hostess.
 Rebecka Schafer gifted me with 2 blooms and a watering can.
 Molly Evangelisti went above and beyond with this potted flower with applique leaves.
 Mary Lou Weidman sent us this lovely flower.
 This rosebud was made by Sharon Butford.
 This zig zag beauty came from Sandy Fisher.
 Claire Marland made this thread watering can and pink flower.
 Polka dots by deb Worster, the flower has a button and yo-yo in the centre.
 Kathy Fields made this pair.
 Rainbow watering can and flower by Kim Kerschl.
 Turquoise watering can by Leanne Clare.
 Mary Wilde had fun with yo-yos.
 Mary Graves love pink, so do I!
 I'm not sure who made the Mary Lou Plaid watering can.
No name on this dragonfly watering can either.                                                                                       
This was my pair, I used the polka dots for the top of my cone flower and the checker board is a Mary Lou fabric also.
This was a great swap with lots of creativity, our next swap is a basket one using some Tonga treat batiks and sketch Delft blue fabric as backgrounds.  They should be great, stay tuned.


The little book of Nessie said...

Lots of lovely blocks you have there Sandi. You are going to have a lovely garden with all those flower and watering can blocks. Regards, Nessie

kim kerschl said...

Wonderful pictures sandi!! Thanks for posting them!

Sharon B said...

The "rose bud" (two below Molly Evangelisti) was made by Sharon Buford - I used 2 of Mary Lou's fabrics - the plaid and the purple! Wasn't this a great swap!

Sandy said...

Yes, the plaid watering can is mine. The zigzag purple flower is mine too! Fun to see pictures of them all together!