Thursday, 17 April 2014

April Showers brings creativity.

My wool group has changed from Monday to Wednesday, I put all my appliqué and pieced blocks up for a photo. You can see that April is under construction but I have all the pieced spools done. I'm not going to trim down the appliqué blocks until everything is done. While at Woolies I got the scallop pink and blue zigzag stitched onto the egg and started the little gold flowers on the pink scallop. Then add a few tufts of grass and April is done.

Judy Crowston stitched this beautiful Piece o'Cake top. Uschi Greiner put together the mix of wools and cottons together for this extended block of the month. Judy modified the final border by adding flowers and leaves. It will be on display in Uschi's booth at several upcoming quilt shows. I'll take some closer pictures when I get a chance. Lovely job Judy!

Today I drove down to Granville Island to pickup my latest Mika block.

As you can see it is a rainy April day and many of the pigeons and seagulls weren't too interested in flying around. Love the aqua bus these were busy shuttling people from downtown onto Granville Island, that rainbow canopy keeps you dry on a wet day.

Thinking of taking a nap?

A bit of personal grooming is always good to do.

Inside the vendors were getting ready for the day organizing their displays.

What a lovely contrast of colour the lemon yellow against the tomato red.

Check out those HUGE mushrooms.

Need some sweet peppers?

Lovely heirloom tomotoes.

Even more around the corner.

Need some flowers?

Got a sweet tooth?

Even more around the corner and farther down...I managed to resist.

All types of cheeses.

Some knobby looking oranges.


Lychee nuts and other Asian treats.

Rainbow coloured carrots.

Look at those monster carrots!

Had to get some bagels fresh from the oven, poppy seed for me and some for my friend along with some sesame seed ones for her also. They were busy trying to load the displays for customers coming.

More flowers.

Great Spring colours.

Fresh breads.

Love the rubber boots.

Someone keeping a close eye on me.

The pinwheel block with the flower centres is the one I picked up today. Time to prep the appliqué and piece the base block...owner what I'm doing for Easter?

Stay tuned, have a lovely weekend.
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