Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Greetings and some quilts to share

Several years ago I did some swaps with four friends.  Our first one was an Autumn theme and then we did Spring.  Each person made an identical row for the other participants.
 Debbie made our whimsical bunny girls and Shona made the the crazy quilted eggs.
 Tricia made our lovely applique tulip pots.
 Ethel made us a collection of whimsical bird houses and a bird watching over.  I made the crocuses with a chick emerging from an egg in the grass.
 I made this 5 Seasons quilt in honour of the name we called the group.  The 5 Seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and the Holidays.
 I found some cute calendar fabric and then chose some fabrics to represent some of the holidays through the year.
 Another quilts was designed by Karen Berry, A Quilters' Year was done September through June.  We don't meet in the summer.  I added a few filler blocks to make it come together.  Each block has some embellishments or 3-D features.
 Love my choices for the the Robin block.
 The Easter block has 3-D ears on the bunny.
Here's hopping the Easter Bunny came to visit and left some treats to enjoy for your family and friends.

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The little book of Nessie said...

Thanks for sharing all those lovely quilts. Happy Easter to you Sandi. Regards, Nessie