Thursday, 10 April 2014

Peche Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver.

There is an iconic street in Vancouver that at this time of year speaks to Spring. On Sunday I took my mom for a drive to enjoy these lovely trees.

They have been trimmed in the Peche or Peach manner to make easier picking and this causes the trees to meet in the middle of the street.

Sunday was a bit overcast but bits of blue were in evidence. Today when I was visiting my friend Ethel who lives nearby the petals were starting to fall like snowflakes and cover the parked cars.

A street away you can see some lovely star magnolia trees in full bloom.

Another nearby street. Vancouver in the Spring has hundreds of these along with pink magnolia, flowering crab apple and soon dogwood trees to enjoy.

Today I got a copy of Quiltmania their 100 issue.

Look what I found, a lovely little piece on my dear friend and mentor Mary Lou Weidman. If you've never visited her site before, click on the link I have on the right side and it will take you there.

Congratulations Mary Lou! Continued thoughts and prayers to you wonderful Husband Mark.
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The little book of Nessie said...

Lovely blossoms. Hope your weather is getting warmer for you. There was an article about Mary Lou Quilt Mania No. 99 also featuring the cow quilts. It was lovely to see. Regards, Nessie