Saturday, 5 September 2015

Day Two Olympic Peninsula Washington state.

Woke up to sunny skies and headed up to Port Gamble. Outside the Post Office was a lovely garden of Dahlias.

This large moth decided to enter the picture.

I love the effect of the spiral on this bloom.

Another bug on this bloom.

Busy as a bee as I moved to another plant.

One of the heritage buildings in this small community.

Onto the Quilted Strait, the doors were now open. The top row was their 2014 one and the bottom 2015. They look great together.

This is a huge shop in a very small town...definitely a destination shop.

This is a pice that Ann who works in the store is working on, the lights have altered the clear colours to a yellowed tone. I didn't realize how big this project was until I saw it in person!

Her inspiration, she is participating with the Facebook group.

The store sample.

Bird Dance also by Ann on black wool.

Need thread? Or wool?

Sometimes a simple shape can be so effective.

My bookie, love those witches legs! Couldn't pass those clothes pins.

Onto Seqim...

The sign says it all, what a disappointment, midday, mid-week not open! No wonder the shop is for sale.

Next shop wasn't where the address was...thank goodness for the open cleaner business who directed me across the parking lot and way in the corner behind the painting business. Advice to shop owner...put your complete address on including suite number. Then visitors can see if you have directions to your new shop.

Onto Port Townsend and Creative Union Fabrics, such a lovely energetic shop owner. This shop is small but packed with inspiration and warmth. It is just outside of town.

A Sue Spargo bag in progress.

Lots of temptation.

2014 row.

This year's row.

Love the flowers and words. Hadn't seen the charm squares before.

I arrived at the ferry terminal about 15 minutes before departure, luckily as there were at least four huge semis in the lineup. A short drive over to Oak Harbour to the Quilters Workshop.

This small shop is packed with fabric, yarn, long arm quilt machine and creativity. Love this mermaid and friends.

Turtle and friends.

One happy crab!

Choices and other shoppers.

Lots of inspiration to stimulate your creativity.

Meet Bob from Freeland farther south on Whidbey Island. He was looking for Asian fabrics for the queen sized quilt he is making his wife! She was checking out some other fabric while he went to get the triangle blocks to show me.

By the way Bob will be 84 in Decrmber!

A lovely green/white Featherweight.

Here was the first quilt for the row by row experience, made by a Port Moody B.C. quilter.

Love this row, one of the few vertical ones I've seen.

Hard to tell, but my bootie is two black on blacks, one with stars, the other different sized circles.

My drive home was thru heavy rain, so no more stops along the way. I had a parcel next three bird dance blocks!

15 shops in two days, 14 open, not bad for about 36 hours on the road. Now to plan on which rows to sew!

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Mary said...

Wow! You got some fun rows. It is great seeing shops on the west coast. Looks like you have some wonderful shops. Fun trip.

Susan said...

I think you beat any trip Fran and I ever did together! It's so much fun to do a hop like that - exhausting, but fun! I loved the row by row here, too, though I didn't get to go to all the stores I would have liked.