Monday, 14 September 2015

Row by row, flowers and quilt,

On Friday Rita had a small group of us over to stitch.  We've done two row by row shopping trips together and she pulled out her collection to show me what else she has.  A friend of hers got her some licence plates from Idaho and B.C., Rita got one from Maine and the others are from Washington and Oregon.  I just noticed her one of hers is missing that I got her in Portland.
 This is my collection, these are from Washington, B.C. and Oregon.
This group is from Oregon, one from Washington and B.C.
 This last group is from B.C. Washington and Maine (courtesy of Rita!).
Walking down to Rita is one of my favourite flowering trees, several years ago they had to replace it but I love the Pink and blueberry colours of the blooms.  They are like succulent leaves, very fleshy.
 The star shape is so pretty.
 But look there are also white blossoms on the same tree!  They are more like usual petals you see on a flowering tree.  See the pink one in the foreground.
 Rita leads a quilting group at a local seniors centre and she took the last stitches on her Underground Railroad binding while we were over.  Originally the group was going to make 16 blocks but stopped after 12.  It is very lovely in person.
 I thought I'd share a few more of the lovely dahlia garden from Port Gamble, I love dahlias, but find their fragrance a bit off putting.
 Part of the garden was in shade and the other in sun the colours are so lovely.
 Reminds me of a beautiful quilt.
 Tiny centre peeking out.
 Love the soft yellow blush coming from the centre of this one.
 Different shades of pink.
 More of that yellow/pink blush combination in another petal formation.
 One of my favourite colour combinations.
 Pure yellow, I love it.
 Delicate spiky petals.
 A flower inspector checking for quality.

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