Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fraser Valley Quilters' Quilt present Marianne Parsons.

Today Marianne Parsons showed her journey as a quilter today. I took these photos with my iPad so I apologize on the quality despite being in the first row.

Marianne works with both new and recycled fabrics and does some amazing work. I recall seeing this piece made in 1995 before when she was at our guild. It has various techniques including 3-D aspects to it and is still s favourite of mine.

This is a very large quilt that she painted the centre of with sun print paints.

This was a piece that Marianne collaborated with several other Quilter's across Canada. She had them creat blocks depicting their part of Canada, she as for un-squared blocks but got them squared. She then rough cut them so they would flow together. She used Crayola Crayons to add movement between the blocks.

This piece started as a jacket that she used bleach on, it turned a rusty pink after starting as the grey colour. Multiple techniques were used in the finished piece. Marianne is on the left in blue.

This was a challenge amongst a group of Quilter's. She used the Re for Real Women. The first gal has her hair in curlers made from drinking straws. The second gal's hair is made from polyester fabric cut in triangles and the edges pasted thru a candle flame to help curl it. The last gal's hair is also finished with the candle flame and has a hat with a leaf from what are called silk flowers although really polyester.

A use of multiple techniques to make this piece. The cabbages were made with crayons.

Old recycled polyester damask tablecloths dyed pink. Not her usual colour palette.

Sumac leaves made from fabric a fellow quilter who dyed his own fabric. The cat was made from various fibres and fabrics all recycled.

Square stones with leaves and other images from nature including feathers and dragonflies.

Some commercial fabrics, rubber stamping she designed, along with stencils. She faced the leaves and cut out the backs to make smaller and smaller images.

Sheer fabric with a paper layer and various techniques to make this quilt.

Various techniques to make apple blossoms on a commercial fabric background.

Originally a commission piece made to cover a large electrical box, she liked the design so much she made me for herself. The leaves all have burnt edges and are stitched on using the stem and veins. Echo skeleton leaves around the border.

A new piece using multiple techniques once again.

I got up onto the stage and got a few closer looks at several pieces.

An old denim shirt with dye discharge and thread painting amongst other techniques.

A closer view of the leaf quilt.

After the lecture I did ask Marianne if it was alright for me to post these pictures and she said yes. She is a part of the Fibre Arts Network and Fabrications who currently have a display at the Peachland Museum in B.C. until November 2014.

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WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilts, enjoyed seeing them, thank you for sharing.


Rachaeldaisy said...

What a great show and tell of beautiful quilts!

Anna said...

amazing quilts...I am partial to the leaves...that is an amazing quilt!