Sunday, 8 November 2015

In the Meadow....

You can build a snowman.  My latest on line swap with Mary Lou Weidman is a snowman swap.  I realized Thursday morning I needed some firm ideas and went and sketched this guy first.
 Then I decided to have one with a toque.
 Cutting circles of newsprint fabrics for the bodies and a dark blue for background was next.
 Another combination.
 And another.
 Couldn't pass up on this starry dot snowflake print.
 Tried out few test layouts of the snowmen on backgrounds.
 Mixing up the body prints.
 Cute toque fabric.
 Love the graphics on this toque.
 Then after cutting and sewing my backgrounds I realize my snowmen needed to be taller so back to the drawing board to add another irregular circle as a base.
 Also decided to sew the backgrounds together to make the block.
 I decided not to repeat the same order of fabrics and mix up the balance.
 I think these are going to be fun.
 Here are my first two prototypes.  I may add additional elements depending on my production time.  I had eight prepped and all the bodies are now sewn down, I have partially prepped some more and need to get busy with them.