Friday, 13 November 2015

Mary Lou Weidman Snowman Blocks Done!

Late last night I finished sewing the last of my carrot noses onto my snowmen for an upcoming swap. Ironically I managed to have eight face right and eight face left, eight with toques and eight with top hats.  Twelve will be swapped, I'll send one for Mary Lou and keep the remaining three.
 I love how the newspaper fabrics went together.
 I used the same shape for all the top hats and same for the toque.  The noses I rough cut and then as I stitched them on they took different shapes.
 Most of the snowmen were pretty straight in their stance.
 A couple lived a bit closer to the balance edge.
 This guy looks ready to boogie on down.
 I think this guy is trying to stand up straight, but having to close one is Friday night after all!
 The cool guy just hanging out.
 A little star gazing and wishing for snow.
 Glad that the end of the week is here.
 Looking towards the stars.
 Contemplating what will happen this weekend.

 Friendly snowman.
 Hmm...I wonder?
 Grooving to the music.
 Yes Sir!
 These will be the ones I send away, I'm going to add a snowflake button to each block.  Now to wait and see what comes back to me?


KaHolly said...

They are so, so sweet!

Debbie said...

Those are adorable.

paulette said...

They all have such a character!

Sherrill said...

Oh my gosh, they are all SO CUTE!!

The little book of Nessie said...

Well done! They are lovely snowmen. I am sure everyone in the swap will be pleased to receive them. Regards, Nessie

Susan said...

Simply adorable, every one of them! That newspaper fabric was really genius.

Lesley said...

Your snowmen blocks are adorable. They definitely have their own little personalities!