Monday, 11 January 2016

Playing with hexagons and some new purchases.

The other day I was playing with some of the fabrics I used in my two bionic gear bags.  I decided to make a larger needle case, using some lovely linen for the outside.  I used 1/2" hexagons, I'm getting close to the end of the fun tropical drink fabric and had some fun cutting it out.
 I decided to have the designs linking rather than being a complete flower design and this is what I came out with.  The first two photos don't really show the colour of the linen correctly.
 I also decided to have some fun with the needle pages and added a pop of colour.

This photo is closer to the actual colour of the linen.
 Here is the back of the needle case once everything was stitched on and inside.

I also took advantage of the recent Dorr Mills wool sale and got some yard cuts of Dragonfly, Smokey and Chimney Sweep.

This is part of the Blue bundle I got, the top left is quite a dark navy and the one below white.
 This is the other half of the blue bundle.

I also got the honeycomb texture bundle.
 Here is the other half of it, I love that lemony yellow in the bottom right.

I decided to also get two of Primitive Gatherings new table runners.  I think one of the honeycomb wools may be used for this basket.

 I'm also a big fan of snowmen so this guy came home also.


Anna said...

love your purchases....I did a little retail therapy myself in anticipation of the quilt class I signed up for. It was supposed to come out of your stash but I needed some NEW, lol. I am diving into a hexi project from Christmas and never thought to make a needle case! so adorable...I have high hopes but know that my Lab Retriever brain will cause me to not finish it,,,sigh. I really like the flower basket table runner! I have so many snowman projects but could use a spring one! Thanks for the inspiration!!

The little book of Nessie said...

Nice projects. Nothing like getting some more fabric to add to one's creativity. Regards, Nessie