Thursday, 28 January 2016

Wednesday Wool Group.

Wednesday Uschi brought along her newly machine quilted Flower Bed designed by Sue Spargo and quilted by Nicholas to share with us.
 She also brought along an I-Pad cover she designed herself.
 Love the ovals she used to decorate the outside and the purple oval buttons.
 A peek inside.
 Love the bee and lazy daisy stitches on the yellow ovals.
 Some purple lady bugs on the Kaffe Fasset ovals.
 Anita, who is new to the group brought along her Bonnie Sullivan Santa table runner.
 Judy is working on some final embellishments for her Earth 'n' Twig designed by Sue.
 Lots of drizzle stitches and Bullion knots and loops.
 Some woven picots around this guy.
 Love the addition of the star button.
 French knots, cast on stitches and more bullion knots.
 A few close up pictures of Flower Bed that Uschi stitched.  Nicholas did a lovely job on the machine quilting.
 Gorgeous embellishments Uschi.
 Love the pops of red against the turquoises and greens.
 A bit more red and some Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
 Lovely feather stitch on those leaves.
 Some more feather stitch details.
 I like the pops of orange/yellow in this block.
 Beautiful running stitch detail and pistil knots.
 Chain stitch and bullion knots.
Everything I stitched I ripped out and redid, much happier with the choice.  Pictures to follow on another day.


paulette said...

Lovely usual! Your woolies are a very talented group!!

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful pieces and stitching, fun to be part of a group to sit and enjoy stitching together.


Anna Bates said...

What amazing eye candy!!! Wish I could stitch with you guys!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Wow--what a fun and inspirational group! Everyone's stitching looks wonderful--lots of talent in your group and your embroidery is great!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing those photos. I love that you do close-ups of stitches, too. I always want to be there to see it up-close, but you do a great job of showing it.