Monday, 31 October 2016

Hallowe'en Handouts! Happy Hallowe'en! Trick or Treat!

What was your call out when you showed up at the door for Hallowe'en when you were a child?  I think I did all of those at various time.  I thought I'd share a couple of Hallowe'en inspired pieces I've made over the year.  Some are blocks part of a quilt and others are their own special piece.  Several years ago Karen Berry a formal member of our guild did a Quilter's Year.  She gave us some patterns for each month and you got to put them together how you wished and add some fillers.  This was her October on but I changed out the cat.  I also added some star sequins and used a small bead to help anchor them on the quilt.  That is the flash of light in the top right when my flash went off.
 As a filler for the same quilt I did a crescent moon and single star rather than the tradition Hallowe'en full harvest moon.  His eye is beaded and a star for the iris.
 This scarecrow was also one of Karen's designs.  I liked that black cat in the pumpkins so much I got two pieces of it on one driving holiday to California.
 This is a detail of a larger favourite Hallowe'en quilt I made several years ago and one of my first machine quilted pieces.  The tops of the fence are three dimensional as is the cat's tail.  I used green oval beads for his eyes. The spider in the corner is a pin I got at a craft fair and the spider web was my own idea.
 Three smiling Amigos sitting on the picket fence.  One of my few pieces that I use fusible products for the eyes, noses and mouths.

 Here is the crescent moon and star with a bat and a witch.
 And the whole quilt which comes out each Hallowe'en.
 Another favourite Autumn quilt once again using some fusible.

One last quilt to share was designed by my friend Ethel, she did a workshop for the guild we belong to and everyone used their own fabrics.  The strip along the bottom is a Patrick Lose fabric that I received a free fat quarter of when a local shop opened up.  I also added some leaf and candy buttons for Hallowe'en.

This wreath is a collection of dollar store buys along with a larger skeleton and Pier 1 witch ornament.  The black wreath was made from a long swag of that spooky black and purple stuff.
 Poor witchy didn't make it thru my peephole, that looks like it hurt!
 I found this elegant witch several years ago and I leave her up all year in front of a mirror my grandparents used to own.
 Does she not look a bit hypnotic gazing at you to wish you a safe and Happy Hallowe'en?


paulette said...


Kyle said...

Halloween decorations and quilts seem to get better every year. Growing up in Michigan we shouted trick or treat!

WoolenSails said...

Lots of wonderful halloween quilts. I still have a lot in my pattern pile that is on my to do list.
Love the wreath, that is really clever. No treaters at my house, all the kids are gone and since we are on a road, kids just go to the neighborhoods.


Anna Bates said...

I love them all but the 3 amigos is my favorite!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Fun decorations! My favorite is that pesky ghost popping out for a good scare!

The little book of Nessie said...

It is nice to have decorations for special occasions like Halloween. Your quilts are great! Regards, Nessie

Susan said...

That was a post full of fun! I enjoyed seeing every single thing you have made. I especially like your three smiling amigos on the fence and may have to make something like that, without the rest of the quilt, because I just love them so much! I also love your elegant witch. She is superb! I always said trick or treat and never heard the other two sayings. How interesting!