Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Harrison Hot Springs 2016 Retreat.

Friday morning I headed off to drive to Harrison Hot Springs for our annual Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild retreat.  I've gone to each one save the time I broke my foot three days before the retreat.  We usually attend it the weekend after Canadian Thanksgiving and the trees are giving out some lovely colours.  We were also expecting a series of three Pacific storms originating from two Typhoons so rain and wind was expected.  I spotted these trees just across the bridge in Surrey as I was waiting for a left turn light to change.
 I made one brief stop at Hamel's in Chilliwack but wanted to get there before the heavy rains arrived.  Just after I unloaded the rain became heavier, I actually saw some sun on the trip out.
 Took this picture just after I had my sewing space organized, we were expecting 40 members to sew this weekend.

My first finish for the weekend was the Retreat bag.  It is a free pattern from Emmaline Bag, you do have to buy some hardware for it. You can find the pattern here and also order the hardware if your local quilt shop doesn't carry it. 
 I used the same print inside in a different colour.  I decided to use pink zippers as a contrast.
 The pattern calls for two pockets inside, I did one and made it a bit larger.

Nancy came by and shared her gadget apron she made from Krista Hennebury's retreat book.  Krista Fleck designed it.  She used some of Latifah Saafir's Grafic fabric line.
 Then I made the bigger bag with the fabrics reversed.  I had intended to make the larger one first.
 My one suggestion is make sure you make your frame pocket a generous half inch wide.
 Again I put one pocket inside.
 Don't they look nice nested together?
 I went outside for a quick break.  It was surprisingly mild despite the cloudy weather and the rain was very light.

 Cathy Galbraith got her top finished and bound while at retreat.
 Celiste was working on this rainbow beauty.  I saw the pattern in Bend in July against a white background the the black really looks great.
 Wendy and Cathy Waddle made some blocks for the Canadian Quilters' Association challenge and Wendy brought them along to sew into a top.  CQA's goal is to make quilts for Ronald MacDonald houses across Canada made with 150th Canadiana fabrics.  At least one piece in each block. Here is some information if you would like to make some blocks or quilt tops to send to the event.
 I ran into Beckie at Hamel's and she was debating about buying a BOM kit.  She thought it was flannels but it wasn't, here is her first block done.
 Vale made this Canadian themed heart top.
 Wendy started working on her whales.
 Saturday morning walking break.  Are the colours in that Hydrangea not gorgeous?
 Some more Autumn colours in the parking lot.
 Love those reds, yellows and rusts with the green against the evergreens.
 Snow on the distant mountains.  Whistler almost has enough snow to open!
 Gorgeous reds.
 Looking towards the mountains.
 Maple leaves changing colours.
 The wind was picking up...
 as you can see from the flags standing out in front of the hotel entrance.
 Wendy started making blocks for her sister's birthday quilt.
 Nancy was working on this beauty that Lorna designed.
 Cher was working on these paper pieced blocks.
 Lorna did a small quilt and decided to enlarge it from 8" x 10".
 Wendy's finished whale top designed by Elisabeth Hartman.  She made wider sashing between the blocks.

 More of Lorna's blocks, with Wendy's peeking behind.
 Carmie finished machine quilting and binding her tinner blocks from two years.  She had lots of fun with her scalloped border.
Here is a closer peek at some of my favourite blocks.
 Sunflower and glass jar.

Asian inspired vase.
 This is one of my favourite blocks.

 Look at the zentangle design on the vase!
 Coneflowers in an old boot!
This is one of the blocks for our preemie program that Sheila worked on.

 I finally got my two groups of heart blocks together.  In the space below the white gap are the extra blocks I made for the block swap with Mary Lou Weidman group.  I thought I had brought the larger blocks last year but left them at home.  The two vertical rows not sewn on the left and the one on the right are the swap blocks.
 I decided to fill the gap with LOVE!
  A closer look at my free designed letters.  my first e was a bit of a fail.
 This is the portion of my smaller hearts.
 Here is some show and tell from the last day of stitching.  Marion is going to add some more to this piece I think.
 Lorna finished the quilting on this piece.
 Mary pieced this piece and has it ready to machine quilt.

These are Beckie's paper pieced blocks and Cher's below.
 I bought these home spun fabrics and the green batik on my way out at Hamel's

 I stopped in at both A Great Notion stores and got their Wooly Block patterns.  They are the only stores in my area that are participating.
 Hockey on the pond and deer and birds in the woods.
 I've also been selectively getting some of the Cantik U.S. Mystery Quilt blocks to reflect some of the places I've traveled in the U.S.  Cantik is a Canadian company and they are also doing a Canadian Block of the month for our 150th birthday next year.

 I found these sale fabrics at the Abbotsford shop.
 And this Valori Wells fabric at the Langely/Surrey location.
 Keeping this under wraps for awhile longer I got one of my three Gwen Inspired Medallion QAL quilts done while at retreat.
 It was a great weekend and looking forward to next year's retreat that will start on October 13!  Hope there are no black cats or ladders in our way!


KaHolly said...

WOW! Everyone accomplished so many wonderful things! Looks like you had a great time and came home with lots of goodies! XO

The little book of Nessie said...

Looks like you had a great time. So much creativity! Love the autumn colours. Regards, Nessie

Sherrill said...

WAAYY too much eye candy in one post!! Love your bags, your adorable heart/love quilt and I've never heard of the Cantik patterns. Will have to look. I've never liked going on retreat..all too distracting for me and that place you were would be especially distracting. How BEAUTIFUL!! Looks like everyone on your retreat stayed pretty busy.

WoolenSails said...

It looks like a great retreat and beautiful place to have it in.
A lot of beautiful pieces and great goodies to work on this year.


Kyle said...

Wow! What a wonderful weekend despite the weather. Lots of beautiful colors both inside and outside. Looks like everyone was very productive including you. Can't wait to see your finish on your Gweenie quilt!

Susan said...

Everyone was so productive! Thank you so much for sharing your retreat pictures. I haven't been to a retreat in about 10 years, so it's great to see yours! Your bags are really great. I never do that kind of thing, but I love seeing someone else's. The heart quilt is perfect!

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a beautiful place for a retreat. I'm impressed by all the amazing project being worked on too. Looks as though you all had a great time. I love your heart quilt. The hearts look as though they're floating against the dark background.